A'lera Vondoor

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A'lera Mae Vondoor
Vital Information
Aliases: Aly; princess
Rank/Title: student
Age: 4
Hair: dark mahogony
Eyes: grey
Species: Near-human (human/half-Chiss lineage)
Birthplace: unknown

A'lera Mae Vondoor is the youngest twin daughter of Vraelan and Ly'nai Vondoor. She's the quiet twin, though she seems to have her father's mind for strategy and her grandmother's love of all things domestic.

Early Life

Aly and her twin sister Izy were born during the second year of the Zakuulan occupation of the known galaxy. They are their parent's 'miracle children', as it was thought that their mother, Ly'nai, wouldn't be able to have children. The first three years of their lives were spent aboard their parent's ship, traveling from place to place to avoid detection from the Scions. Like her sister, Aly was born Force-sensitive, with her abilities becoming apparent by the time they were two. This made life interesting for the small family as they did their best to keep their abilities hidden from the public.

Current History and Status


Personality Traits

Noteable Possessions