Areli Kale

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Areli Kale
Vital Information
Aliases: Eli
Rank: Squire/Padawan
Age: 16
Hair: Chestnut brown
Eyes: Blue
Species: Cathar
Birthplace: Cathar
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 58 kilos

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Early Life

Padawan Areli Kale, was born on the planet Cathar to Patriarch Raivata Kale, and Matriarch Lakshmi Kale. At the age of five she was brought to Tython by Jedi Master Valek Sarkar; cousin of Raivata Kale by urging of the young master. Two years prior, the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had frightened Raivata for the welfare of his only child Areli. Due to the suggestion and urging of Jedi Master Sarkar, the child was relinquished to the Jedi Order.

Padawan Areli Kale has passed her initiate trials at the age of fifteen and now seeks apprenticeship beneath Jedi Knight Avyanuki Leilani. Having started at a later age as a youngling; her padawanship has been pushed back by a couple of years. Nevertheless; she has shown knowledge of the code, combat skills, and basic knowledge in using the force including force healing.

Current History and Status

Padawan Areli Kale is currently under the supervision of Jedi Knight Avyanuki Leilani and will be deployed to the Marran per request of the Jedi Order to assist with the current situation in the Faulnak system.


  • Kale Pride
  • The Jedi Order
  • The Marran

Personality Traits

Padawan Areli Kale is a head strong, strong willed, independent apprentice; willing to go the long route when need be. However; she is rather naive and currently displays lack of control with emotions and inner turmoil. She is extremely talkative, inquisitive, but has several disciplinary marks on her record. The Council is concerned about possibility of dark-side leanings; should she not learn how to curb her emotions and instincts. Thus; the Council believes that Jedi Knight Ayvanuki Leilani to be an apt mentor for her.

Noteable Possessions

  • Pendant from her mother
  • Set of heavy armor
  • Set of robes & white lighter armor
  • Lightsaber belonging to her master