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The Marran are a group of like-minded individuals with a singular goal: to eradicate evil from the galaxy. This is our driving focus and transcends faction lines. We care less about Jedi vs. Sith or Republic vs. Empire and focus more on good vs. evil. As such, the actions of all Marran and Marran contractors should be in line with this goal. These guidelines also extend to the 3rd Marines in addition to any guidelines that already apply to them.

1) There is to be no use or study of the Dark Side or Dark Side artifacts. This should require little explanation, as we cannot use the very thing we fight against, otherwise we become our enemy. There are exceptions made among the Archivists when it comes to this, but only in situations where *limited* study is necessary to further the Order's goals. These circumstances must be discussed and approved by an Arbiter or the Archon and will be supervised to some extent.

2) Snooping on your fellow Marran is highly discouraged. In the past, we had a segment of the Order which was dedicated to such things but it only led to division and discontent. We are all Marran and in order to function as a team, we must trust one another to do what's right. This doesn't mean if you are aware of a Marran who is troubled that you should not let an Arbiter or the Archon know, but don't go looking for problems. This extends to private conversations and entering a Marran's quarters without authorization. Note: there may be times that the Arbiters or Archon may need this done, but these situations should be rare and only should occur in dire circumstances.

3) Practice tolerance of other races, beliefs, and cultures. We are a diverse group, and many of us have different backgrounds from one another. We should strive to be accepting of these differences and respectful of how we speak about them. Having an educational conversation and learning about each other is encouraged. There should be no derogatory or disparaging remarks made about the race, belief, culture, sexual orientation of others.

4) Help one another. Never hesitate to extend a hand to a fellow Marran in need. We are all here to work together and support one another.

5) Educate. We have many new faces on a regular basis and it is up to all of us to make sure they learn our ways. Named Marran are encouraged to take a more formal role and accept a squire (or multiples, if you are capable of handling the load).

6) Do the right thing. We're the good guys - no matter what our occupation is. Rangers among us may bend the law, but the law is not always just. Marran strive to further the cause of what is right, not necessarily what is legal.

7) Respect the Chain of Command. All Marran and Marran contractors report to the Arbiters. The Arbiters report to the Archon. Any Marran can seek out any Arbiter if they need assistance, though an Arbiter may direct to you another one with more experience in the area you're asking about. Also, any order given by an Arbiter should be followed as if it is given by the Archon himself unless the Archon says otherwise or you believe that order to be a violation of the Code of Conduct. Alternately: if you are on an operation without an Arbiter or the Archon, the orders of the operational commander should be followed in their stead. On that note, the Arbiters and/or Archon should be notified of any missions which are taking place and should receive a debriefing after the mission has occurred to ensure that they are kept aware of all Marran business.

8) Respect each other. We're all on the same team. There's no reason to put each other down. No Marran is any better than another Marran. It doesn't matter whether you are a Force user or a non-sensitive, a Jedi or a Mandalorian, a Paladin or an Archivist - you're Marran. Period. We don't all have to agree on things to respect one another, and petty squabbles and disagreements are a detriment to fulfilling our duties. Remember: we have to work together. None of us should be out to hurt another one of us. Never assume a word or action is an intended slight.

9) Be professional. It's good to relax and wind down - we have very stressful and serious jobs, but we are also adults and professionals. The Marran environs are not a schoolyard or a cantina. There should not be any fistfights (except for spars in the training room) nor *excessive* talk of a sexual nature over official comms or during the conducting of operations or business. Have fun, but try to keep it mature. If you wish to cut loose, the Nova Talon has a full-service cantina where that behavior is acceptable.