Dariak Sondag

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Dariak Sondag
Vital Information
Aliases: Dar, Dari
Rank/Title: N/A
Age: 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Species: Human
Birthplace: Concordia
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs

Dariak is a young Mandalorian warrior from Clan Kelborn. Brash, impulsive and brave he's known for his smile and openly friendly behaviour. Being newly bloodied he must venture out into the galaxy to enhance his skills before returning home to earn his beskar'gam.

Early Life

Born to a family of beskar miners and warriors, Dariak was often found running around care-free between the start of his 'bajur' or his training of being a warrior and surviving such. From the age of fourteen he was given his armourweave and an old blaster which prompted him to travel within Mandalorian territory with his childhood friend and sweetheart Rashk. The human and Rattataki pairing often brawled with pirates and assisted the law enforcers of Concord Dawn with bounties posted up in the local officers. Each bounty prompted more reward and confidence for the pair.

However Dariak experienced the first loss of his warrior life when Rashk was captured by a dar'manda pirate known simply as Kad. Chasing Kad, Dariak left Mandalorian space and followed hints and trails for years on end until he discovered her body on Tatooine. Dariak buried her beneath the sand before he found another reason to exist beyond the Mandalorian borders; revenge. Kad still remains as does the dark spike of vengeful desire within Dariak's soul.

Current History and Status

Currently Dariak is a Mandalorian contractor to the Marran in the hopes of finding worthy foes to test his skills. While this is true he also has another motive; establish a place to rearm and resupply for his search for Kad as well as hopefully using the Marran's intelligence network to help him in his search.


Clan Kelborn Marran

Personality Traits

Friendly, outgoing and cheerful some might call Dariak the living definition of Mandalorian shereshoy. Be it drinking himself blind, attempting to impress women through idiotic gestures or taking his training to heart nothing Dariak does is ever half done. In the heat of battle he can be filled with a passionate fire that drives him into dangerous situations given that he hasn't got cunning or experience to temper his raging soul.

Noteable Possessions

Matrix Armour Rifle Blaster pistols Durasteel bladed beskad R-44 Heavy fighter