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Vital Information
Aliases: Elk
Rank/Title: Contractor
Age: 36
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Brown
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Birthplace: Couresant
Height: 6'4" (192.02cm)
Weight: 240 (108.86kg)

Elkantis is a large human cyborg and one of the Buurenaar Wolves best tacticians and assault specialists. He is a tall fit man often seen in the clan's power armor and sporting a large rifle over his back. Visable cybernetic modifications include a durasteel patch over his left eye and a com relay fitted onto the left side of his face. Over the missing eye are notable scars resembling that of the raking of a large beast.

Early Life

Elkantis grew up on Couresant, and even as a young boy he admired the Republic soldiers. All the missions, and cool armor and weapons, every boy's dream. Even though he came from meager beginnings he would find opportunities to hone his mind and his marksmanship skills. He played strategy simulations and games every chance he could. Once he was old enough he took the opportunity to enlist in the army, and apply for officer school. In his class he often got top marks in battlefield strategy and tactics, though he did tend to be more of a social outcast among his peers.

Eventually he managed to work his way through officer training and took command of a small squad on Taris. His duties there were rather mundane, aiding and helping to hold a small outpost in the deep wilderness. One of many supply points the republic used on the planet. He managed to push back a few minor incursions of imperial teams scouting the area from time to time, but often the outpost was a fairly sleepy one, though not bad for a first command posting.

Things overall, were going well at the outpost. Elk's men liked and respected him as their commanding officer, and things were good. At least, till that one fateful day. Elkantis had gone out with two of his men on a routine patrol of the wilds around the outpost. Some of the men had been a little rattled about seeing things running around in the bushes out there. elk decided to head out with the team that day to show them there was nothing to be afraid of. It was probably just some beasts, there were many on this jungle planet. Unfortunately Elkantis had no way of knowing a mother Nexu and her young had decided to claim part of the perimeter as their den. His team came upon them, an one of the younger men panics and opened fire only infuriating the beasts. They lashed out hard, the large mother and 4 young nexu came pouring out at them. Elkantis yelled at his men to pull back and retreat. The two men turned and ran, only causing the young one's predatory instincts to go off as they ran after them like prey. Elk tried to hold them off, taking down a few of the young ones before they caught up to the men. The mother though was a lot craftier and a more cunning hunter. As her young chased the fleeing troops she closed in on Elkantis. The large beast got the jump on him from under some brush and batted him hard, it's claws tearing into his power armor. Elkantis put up quite a fight, but the beast had him, delivering a rather vicious claw to his face, ripping through his helmet and destroying his eye. The last thing he saw was his own blood filling his vision and the searing pain as he prepared for the end and passed out. Luckily Ithramier and a few of his clan had been tracking the same beast the last few days for sport, and came upon the fallen soldier. Ith took pity on him, and had his medic, Cheyek stabilize him, and they left him just outside the outpost, discretely.

Elkantis' men quickly found him and evaced him back to the main base. From there he was taken to Couresant for medical care. The doctors did all they could for him but the beast had taken it's toll on his body. He required extensive work. The docs patched him up as best they could, but the army was not going to wast resources on a new officer during war time. Elkantis recived several commendation for bravery and his service but was ultimately honorably discharged. This was a devastating blow to him. All of his hopes and dreams ripped from him, as he was discarded as unfit for duty, due to his injuries. He resented the republic for it's lack of care for it's fighting men. He looked for other work, but there was not much available for a half blind, disabled vet.

Ithramier had discreetly been following the young man from afar since his return. Mostly just curious as to if the trooper had survived his ordeal on Taris. Ith balked at how they had treated a man who fought with such valor. One day he approached Elkantis, and offered to make him anew in exchange for joining the clan and fighting with them. Ithramier knew a good asset when he saw him, and was eager to capitalize on the republic's folly. Ith convinced Elk to agree, and the clan fronted the costs to not only heal Elkantis, but to use what cybernetics were available to make him even better than before. From that day, Elkantis served the clan proudly and with distinction, in hopes to someday repay the debt of gratitude he owed them for his second chance.

Current History and Status

Relationship Status: Single Operational Status: On deployment with the Marran


Alor'ad (Captain) with the Buurenaar Wolves Contractor / Ranger with the Marran

Personality Traits

Elkantis has spent most of his life as a soldier, both in the republic army and with the Buurenaar Wolves. He can sometimes be a tough nut to crack for those who do not know him or spend the time to let him warm up to them. He seems on the outside to be a tough soldier, quiet and reserved, his calculating mind often looking at the logical and tactical sides of a situation. Once though you manage to break past his defenses he is a good guy and a loyal friend. He also can be a bit touchy on the subject of his implants and how he came about them, at least to those whom he does not know well. He occasionally still has nightmares about the incident to this day.

Noteable Possessions

- Custom power armor painted in the clan's colors with the clan insignia and his rank on the left pauldron. - Custom Aurek Blaster Rifle


none at this time.