Finna Aethran

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Finna Aethran
Finna Aethran01.jpg
Vital Information
Aliases: Finna Tirion
Rank/Title: Jedi Master
Age: 35
Hair: Red
Eyes: N/A
Species: Miraluka/Human
Birthplace: Coruscant
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 70kg

Finna is a recently promoted Jedi Master, but no stranger to the cause. She was trained in the Jedi enclave on Coruscant prior to the Sacking - the event that only solidified her devotion to the Order and the spread of Peace in the galaxy.

Though currently serving with the Marran Order, she does not believe her place is to constantly fight the Darkside. She does not currently have a Padawan, but she is no stranger to teaching and seeks continually to learn more herself.

Early Life

Finna is an erstwhile daughter of the Tirion Family, a long line of Miralukan Jedi. Her mother, while gifted with strong Force Sight, is not overly strong in the Force and chose to leave training with the Jedi Order at an early age to serve the Republic directly. She eventually met then-senator Fulmor Aethran whom she eventually married.

Finna was the result of that marriage, but was unfortunately untalented with Force Sight, though strong in the Force otherwise. Even with the slight sight impairment, Finna did well in her Jedi training and quickly learned to use her auxilery Force to enhance her sight.

Fortunately for her, she was not on her homeworld at the time of the Sacking. She and her Master at the time were working closely with Republic Special Military Forces. Even after the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, Finna continued her work with the military, acting as vanguard and medic when necessary.

Current History and Status

After her promotion to Master, Finna was assigned to oversee her older half-brother Fallorn Aethran for reasons unknown. This assignment expired when he left the Order, leaving Finna to choose her own task. After much consideration, she choose to offer her services to the Marran Order as a show of good faith from the Jedi Order after the somewhat impolite treatment of the Marran by the Jedi Order following the death of the Marran Archon.

She is currently fighting at their side in the conflict in the Veridian Nebula.


Despite being a Jedi, Finna remains in contact with her father, Former Senator Fulmor Aethran.

Additionally, she often meets with the Tirion family to practice her Force Sight and learn their particular Force techniques.

She is believed to be the only person who knows the status and location of her half-brother, Fallorn Aethran.

Outside Links

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