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Fionna Aethran01.jpg
Vital Information
Aliases: Sylensa Ki'iras
Rank: Squire
Age: Unknown (22-24y)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Species: Human
Birthplace: Kaas City, Dromund Kaas
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 62kg

Fionna remains an Imperial Loyalist despite having left the Sith and joined the Marran. Though, her loyalty spreads only so far as the people of the Empire and not the institution of such. She fought the Shadow with the Marran in the hopes that this will lessen the pain on 'her people.'

She chooses to retain her accent and speaks formally with all, but those she is particularly close to. As she carries a bounty, she does not frequent any location in Republic, Imperial or Hutt space.

Early Life

At approximately age ten, as Sylensa Ki'iras, Fionna arrived on Korriban to continue her Sith training after studying privately with her mother, Lord Kantall Ki'iras. Mute, due to collapsed vocal chords and a lack of a tongue, Fionna spoke with a small speaker droid that she communicated with via a datapad she carried around.

After completing her acolyte training and being taken on by Sith Lord Ooram as an apprentice, Fionna attended the Imperial Military Officers Academy for two years under the careful eye of her father, Moff Rallon Ki'iras. Though her time was split between the Academy and fulfilling her duty to her Master, Fionna graduated from the Academy with honors and met the approval of her Master who promoted her to Lordship. Moff Ki'iras assigned to her a small squad of men with whom she performed numerous takes for the betterment of the Empire. After a year of service, she was promoted to the rank of Major: a promotion stemming from equal parts her place as a Sith and her actions as an officer in the field.

Current History and Status

In a move somewhat out of character for her, Fionna set herself on a course of revenge against a Jedi Master whose she believed almost lead to her death. Her poor choice was repaid by her death, or so believed the Empire. Months after her supposed death, Imperial Intelligence found evidence that she was still alive in the form of holorecording recorded from Lord Ooram's destroyed properties.

Subsequent investigation revealed that she had left the Empire and joined the Marran Order under the name Fionna. She was trained by Vaalerin as a Squire and is married to Paladin Sedryn. Fionna has since left the Marran.


Fionna is connected to Sith Lord Fa'l, a lightsaber smith of some skill and the creator of her own sabers, Strength and Honor though their exact connection is not publically known.


The amazing Jenos wrote a Waltz to portray Fionna in music form. Please listen to it here because it is the best thing ever.

Her character sheet can be found by following this link.

Associated Fionna Stories and Journals

((Do not reference IC. Metagamers will be shot.))

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