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Vital Information
Location: Classified
Owner: Phylok Starfire, Tavion D'sdeclaw

The Hydenock is a prototype explorer class starship. The ship was built by private funding provided by the group the Errant Sentinels, House Starfire of Alderaan, and the Sullustan Council. The Hydenock was designed by Jedi Master Phylok Starfire and Captain Tavion S’declaw of House Starfire. The ship holds many prototype and enhanced modifications. The Hydenock is a mixture of Republic, Colicoid, Imperial, and Gree technology. Currently the design schematics are sought by the Galactic Republic and some Mandolorian Clans.

Ship Stats

  • Prototype Explorer Class Corvette
  • Shielding: Deflector Shields
  • Prototype reverse interdiction system allows Hydenock to make jumps to Hyperspace inside gravity well. *System will burn out shield *generator until repairs can be made*


  • Colicoid Forward Laser Cannon
  • 4 side mounted Laser Turrets
  • Missile/Probe Launcher
  • Gree Sensors and Navigation computer. Necessary for use of reverse interdiction system.
  • Hyperdrive system tied to Gree Nav Computer.
  • 15 HK droids acquired by Errant Sentinels
  • 20 concussion missiles

Compliment (current)

  • Crew Quarters that sleep 20
  • Officer’s Quarters for 8
  • Med-bay 10 beds
  • Science Lab
  • Force dampening cell
  • 20 concussion missiles
  • 30 modified long range probes *modified to work with Nav System*
  • One month of consumables

Hangar bay Can Hold at one time, Currently Empty:

  • 2 Drop Shuttles
  • 1 Talon Fighter Flight (5 fighters)
  • One Defender class starship.