Ihlrath Onerious

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Ihlrath Onerious
Vital Information
Aliases: "Lamps"
Rank: Archon
Age: 31
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver
Species: Garhoon
Birthplace: Midien 3
Height: 6 Foot
Weight: 205 Lbs

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Early Life

Ihlrath Onerious was born on a small, tropical moon in the Midien system. His mother was human and his father was Garhoon, unbeknownst to all except his wife. He has an older sister named Shyrri, who is not force sensitive. And Shyrri's twin, his older brother Vallun (deceased). Ihlrath displayed the ability to use the Force at four years old. His mother having discovered him levitating his toys while playing. They contacted the Jedi and after meeting with a Master decided to allow Ihlrath to be taken to the Temple on Coruscant for training.

Ihlrath trained at the Temple until the Sacking, in which his original Master was killed. He was sixteen at the time. During the escape from the Temple Ihlrath met and faced off with a mysterious red haired sith that he would come to meet later in life. This sith, for some reason, did not try to stop his escape. Aided by his older cousin, Kantherion, and his sidekick, Mickey, Ihlrath and several other young padawans escaped.

Once on Tython, Ihlrath began to display Garhoon traits. Something the Jedi recognized only after Master Alicia took the young Padawan under her wing and trained him. Ihlrath eventually learned how to hold his garhoon abilities and traits in check, believing that delving into their use would lead to the darkside. Ihlrath passed his Knight trials when he was seventeen. Upon being given the rank of Jedi Knight, the Jedi Council, after much debate decided to bestow the Marran Holocron upon the young Knight. It had been passed down through his family and his mother had given it to the Jedi when Ihlrath was sent to train.

Current History and Status

After receiving his first assignment as a Jedi, Ihlrath departed Tython and began his service to the Jedi Order and the Republic. He spent his off time studying the Holocron. It's Keeper was a fairly cranky and cantankerous personality though eventually agreed to teach Ihlrath of the Marran, their history, and their abilities.

He studied the Holocron for several years while performing his duties as a Jedi Knight eventually learning the powers of the Marran. Others of like mind began to filter into his life and after a traumatizing event on the planet Manto, in which he was forced to kill his older brother, Ihlrath decided to resurrect the Marran Order.

Rebuilding the Marran took several years, eventually the group ingratiated itself to the Republic through several widely known incidents. The Order concentrated on recovering relics and information of it's past, defending the Republic, and battling the darkside. It was during this time that Ihlrath would come to know many of his long standing friends and allies. He also began a relationship with the redeemed sith Alasha Maryn which has lasted to this day.

Ihlrath is close to many of the Marran and does his best to lead them fairly and intelligently as they confront and combat the multiple threats they have encountered over the years. Including the Nemesis, the Movement, Darth Animus, Eyes and the Occulus, and many more. Over time he has come to accept his garhoon heritage, embracing it after a time. While this has made him somewhat more feral and at times more aggressive he's learned to control the abilities well.

Currently the Marran have been given the grounds on which an old Marran Monastery sat in the Veridian Nebula. The Marran have repaired the monastery grounds and upgraded it with defenses as well. The monastery has been named Phoenix's Rest and currently serves as the group's base of operations.


  • The Jedi Order (Master Rank)
  • The Marran Order (Archon Rank)
  • The 3rd Marines
  • The 7th Infantry Battalion
  • The Vorpal
  • House Braetor

Personality Traits

Ihlrath is open minded, forgiving, and protective. He tends to be a bit more aggressive than traditional Jedi when it comes to combat. He's a pragmatist and this is reflected in his leadership style. He believes everyone deserves a second chance and that the control of oneself leads to the path of harmony. Like most of his family he has a sharp sense of humor.