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Ithramier Tempestwolf
Vital Information
Aliases: Ith
Rank/Title: Contractor
Age: 32
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Species: Chiss
Birthplace: Hoth
Height: 6'5" (182.88cm)
Weight: 250 lbs. (113.40kg)

A rather large and fit Chiss, especially for the race. He has dark blue skin, combed back, black hair, and a scar over his right eye. A closer inspection of his body would reveal a number of scars normally hidden by power armor, and a large clan tattoo of a wolf over his left shoulder.

Early Life

Ith's family was exiled from the Chiss ascendancy when he was just a young boy on Hoth. He, his mother, and his younger sisters moved around for a while as they looked for a new home. Their mother, having worked as a hunter most of her life was very familiar with a clan of Mandelorians called the Buurenaar Wolves. They settled in among the clan, their mother even dating and later marrying the clan's leader. The clan's leader welcomed her children as well as her, treating them as if they were his own. Ith, being the eldest, and only, albeit adopted, son of the leader became the heir to the clan and eventually his second in command as he honed his skills and proved his mettle.

Current History and Status

Relationship Status: Single Operational Status: On Deployment, on contract with the Marran Ith and the Wolves have spent most of their time as mercenaries for hire, often selling their services to the highest bidder. Though their services are for hire, their code of conduct and sense of honor sometimes will limit the contracts they will accept. Currently the Wolves have sent a number of personnel with Ithramier at their head to serve a contract to the Marran.


Ver'alor Caber (LT. General) in Buurenaar Wolves Contractor / Ranger to the Marran

Personality Traits

Ithramier is mostly laid back, and has an over all charming demeanor. Though in combat he is very focused and will chase an objective till the mission is complete.

Noteable Possessions

- Custom Power Armor decorated in the clan's colors and featuring the clan insignia and his rank on the left shoulder paldron. - Twin customized heavy blaster carbines


None at this time.