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Vital Information
Aliases: Ntoln (core name)
Rank/Title: CEDF Sergeant (Retired)
Age: 43
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Crimson
Species: Chiss
Birthplace: Rhigar, Chiss Ascendancy
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 231 lbs

A retired soldier of the Chiss Ascendancy Defence Force, the exiled Kayrn'tol'nuruodo makes his way in the galaxy by selling his slicing and weapons manufacturing skills to the highest bidder. Secretly however he does what he can to aid the Republic's war effort against the Sith Empire, believing it to be the best course of action for his people.

Early Life

Born on the Chiss world of Rhigar, Kayrn was immersed in the military world of the CEDF at an early age with his family steeped in warrior tradition. From the age of ten he served in the CEDF's 16th Regiment of the 2nd Phalanx. There he rose to the rank of sergeant as an infantry communications and electronic warfare operator. For two decades he would follow his fellow warriors into battle. First against the various threats the Ascendancy faced such as the Vagaari before his regiment was deployed for a two-year mission against the Republic.

After proving himself to be both an imaginative COM/EW soldier and reconnaissance asset he was slated for the CEDF's 97th Infiltration Regiment for an eight year mission into the Outer, Mid and Inner Core to document species and cultures for the purpose of being the eyes and ears of the Ascendancy. He was one of dozens of Chiss operating in this manner, faking their personalities and backgrounds in a bid to conform to these cultures.

Current History and Status

After the death of his mate and unborn children Kayrn has recently wandered the Unknown Regions before returning to known space. His information and dealings have been leaked over the HoloNet by an unknown source. While not disturbed by this occurrence he is wary even by Chiss standards when dealing with strangers. After his accounts had been crashed Kayrn has been slowly building his assets and personal armoury for the use of 'cleansing galactic society' in the style of a true vigilante. When not working he often hunts down pirates and slavers to satisfy his own moral objections with their existence.

Through Beviin Shukla, a runaway ex-Republic Special Forces soldier, Kayrn has found some happiness and stability in his life as he works day in day out to help cripple the Empire and anyone else who would put the galaxy under their heel.

Personality Traits

Like most Chiss, Kayrn is intelligent, tactically minded and thoughtful. He operates on a basis of logical thought and believes in doing anything to win a fight unless it means betraying someone that trusts him. While pragmatic Kayrn does have his limits given that most of his friends are aliens that don't have the benefit of Chiss thought-processing and thus their morals and ideals have rubbed off on him.

Kayrn prefers to keep a chillingly distance and aloof demeanour around people. He will often state his true opinion on something or someone if it was warranted or not.

As will most people Kayrn has a few flaws in his personality. Sometimes he can be directed by anger when those close to him are in harm's way and can often be goaded into fights when they are threatened. When dealing with difficult people he tends to hide behind a mask of Chiss coolness and arrogance. When dealing with Force users he often states they have an 'Affliction' given the Chiss view of the Force. However this does not stop him operating with them in combat.


Kayrn in his beskar-durasteel armour
  • Beskar-durasteel plate armour
  • Phrik-plated armourweave suit
  • Charric rifle and pistol
  • CEDF Bayonet
  • MML (Multiple Munitions Launcher)
  • Various grenades
  • The Azure Maiden (D2 class attack craft)

Multple Munitions Launcher

Summary: A duel-feed, selective fire, magazine loaded scattergun designed by Kayrn for the use of Missy, the Multiple Munitions Launcher was an inspired idea to increase the Twi'lek's firepower. A blend of high-tech mechanics and electronics the MML is the step forward for modern projectile weapons.

Operation: Each magazine is loaded with shells and two magazines can be loaded at one time. A pad near the thumb controls magazine feed selection, munition selection and detonation controls. Each munition designed for detonation is stamped with a micro-chip detonator which, when passed through the sensor in the weapon's barrel, becomes armed. When paired with a helmet mounted or eye mounted HUD the user can see the location of their fired munitions.


Flecettes: Durasteel arrow-headed flecette clusters are packed into a shell. Each flecette is filled with a small amount of detonite along with a micro detonator. Each flecette cannot be individually selected and detonated to save the user time and to maximise the directional effects of the explosion.

Grenades: Coming in fragmentation, tear gas, smoke, flashbang, plasma, and ion varieties, each shell is packed with one 20mm grenade which can be armed, fired and selected for detonation. Should no detonation occur the grenade will explode automatically due to the timed fuse of five seconds.

Mines: These magnetically charged mines can be placed onto any metallic surface. They can also be fired onto non-metallic surfaces but will not adhere. The mines come in fragmentation, tear gas, smoke, flashbang, plasma, and ion varieties. They allow the MML's user a measure of force multiplication against numerically superior foes. They will not detonate automatically and can be either selected and detonated one at a time or all at once for a larger explosion.

Kinetic Energy Penetrators: A durasteel slug hardened by laminasteel treatment, the KEP is known as a 'Beskar Breaker' or 'Mando Killer' round given its use in penetrating or cracking beskar plates found in the rare cases of Mandalorians. While beskar itself is indeed rare to the use of Mandalorians it gives the MML's user a lethal edge against those that possess it. By taking advantage of beskar's inherent brittle nature it applies unstoppable kinetic force. Even if penetration is not achieved the wearer of the armour can expect severe internal bleeding, broken bones and ruptured organs.

Plasma Slugs: A case slug filled with ionised, super-heated gas the plasma slug suspends this gas in a jelly-like state. Upon impact the fragile shell shatters coating the target with this jelly. As hot as a star's surface, as all plasma is, it is like pouring a lightsaber blade onto someone. Should a saber-wielder attempt to block this round with their weapon they risk splashing themselves with the lethal package. The ionic nature of the plasma makes it equally effective against droids or cyborgs.