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Kel'nark Head.jpg
Vital Information
Aliases: N/A
Age: 46
Hair: Bald. Several Horns
Eyes: Yellow
Species: Zabrak
Birthplace: Planet in the Unknown Regions (Destroyed)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 178 lbs

"Murderer, Betrayer, Tyrant...I was called all of these once. No more. I am more than what I once was. I am Marran and my life is for them and the Republic." - Master Kel'nark


Full details on Kel'nark's past is unknown even to this day, but what is known that he was raised on a planet far in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy with his twin brother, Neldrek. Their colony was derived from descendants of those Dark Jedi that has broken off after the Jedi Civil War that has not decided to turn on each other. In time, the society started to learn both sides of the Force, coexisting with each other. Kel'nark however, along with his twin, preferred the dark arts of the Dark Side, amplifying their martial skills with both their hands and blades. They even went as far as to performing a ritual that bound their minds together through the dark side, allowing them to see what the other sees.

His home would take a turn for the worse when the two purebloods, Zel Nerroc and Lord Riavar Bloodsworn, arrived on their planet. The rest of the population saw them as harbingers of the Sith, treating the elder one of the two (Nerroc) like a god. Only Kel'nark, his twin and his parents saw through the elder's works and sought to end him. However their first attempt failed when both parents were captured and taken away to not be seen again. All was not lost however. Through their capture, Kel'nark and Neldrek saw an opportunity to strike at the elder pureblood with the help of his apprentice. Riavar was strong in the Dark Side and rather adept when it came to bladed combat, but above all, he hated his master for bringing him away from his family back home on Dromund Kaas.

It was simple for the twins at this point. Promise the apprentice to be taught by the two of them, have aid to kill Nerroc and in return, he would take them to get their parents out and off the planet to see the Sith Empire for themselves. Riavar agreed and was taken under their wing. Before long, they struck at Nerroc and slew the elder pureblood in the center of their settlement. What would have been a victory, turned into a tragedy. Their was a reason why the elder pureblood came to their world, and that was the dark power that was locked away beneath the earth that their ancestors could not control. As it would seem, Nerroc made a pact with the entity to release it and in return be granted power that no one has ever seen before. The only way to achieve it, was to bind himself to the seal and upon his death, it would release it. And release it he did upon his corpse falling to the ground.

The Shadowed Fist as it was mentioned by the ancestors, later named "Dread", was released and spread like a plague that consumed the entire planet, killing all it touched, except for Kel'nark, Neldrek and Riavar. To what reasons, they had no idea, only that they were in more danger than they were before when the corpses of those that fell around them reanimated and attacked like a ghoulish horde. After cutting a path through the husks of what was once friends and family, they made it to Nerroc's ship and took off back to Imperial Space. Sorrow and anger weighed heavily on Kel'nark, but not so much his brother.

Upon arriving on Dromund Kaas, Riavar brought them before the Dark Council for introductions. Of course, they didn't take well to the fact that they were aliens and had ordered that they'd be put into shackles and shock collars by the guards. These guards they summoned tried and failed as they were slain with ease by the twins with no help from Riavar himself, who only praised their skill. Begrudgingly, the Council recognized them as Sith in their eyes, despite them being zabrak, and named them Darths. If one was able to not take on just two, but four Imperial Guardsmen all at once between the twins, was not something to second guess.

The Great Galactic War

War has begun, and the twins along with Lord Bloodsworn were in the thick of it. Korriban was reclaimed and all three of them played a part in its retaking. However this was to be the first of many campaigns the trio would participate in. Each planet they were sent to, Jedi and Republic Troops alike fell before them as all of them worked like a proper team, each of them watching each other's backs. Most would challenge them, and they would fail.

However, this started to change when they were sent to Alderaan to destroy a noble house that was known to house Jedi. Their orders were clear, no survivors. With Kel'nark and his twin now more versed in the Dark Side and stronger than they were when they first arrived, they took pleasure in each Jedi, soldier and anyone that got in their way that they killed, reveling in the pain and anguish they spread. It was reflected on the corruption that painted their skin, veins showing and paled withered skin, along with bright glowing red eyes.

This changed however with this house. Innocents were dying around them and they reveled in it, until Kel'nark came upon a child who stood between her dead parents, crying as she clung to her mother's body. The zabrak froze in horror as he began to see everything he was doing was wrong. Everything that the empire taught him was not the way things should be. He was raised better. While Neldrek and Riavar were distracted, he smuggled the girl out of the battle and to a Republic retreat to get her off planet, not showing himself to them however to avoid anymore blood shed. Upon returning to his two companions to follow them back to their Dreadnought, The Hellion.

While meditating, he finally came to the revelation that he must leave the Empire and amend all the wrongs he has made. However this plan would be delayed when his brother and Riavar stopped him in the hanger. There he was forced to fight them both off to escape, knocking out his brother and fatally crippling the pureblood by crushing him under wreckage from a star fighter they destroyed during their combat. He took one of the shuttles left in the hanger and escaped, but before jumping into hyperspace it was crippled by the Hellion's fire that upon entering it, it nearly tore the shuttle apart. Exiting, he was with limited life support left, but death in space was not to be his fate when an Corellian XS-Freighter came upon the shuttle. Kel'nark was brought aboard by the smuggler captain, Eir'tahl Windrider, who offered to help him despite him being Sith.

He spent the remaining duration of the war being rehabilitated by the Jedi, being one of the few Jedi that managed to escape the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and avoiding detection of the Sith, and more importantly, his brother and the now cyberneticly enhanced Darth, Riavar Bloodsworn. Though his twin would have found him easily, he decided not to at least for a time. Once the Treaty was signed, he joined the rest of the Jedi in moving to Tython to help rebuild the order and further his rehabilitation.

The Cold War

Now a Master within the Jedi Order, Kel'nark was completely reformed. However, the scars of the corruption he had was evident on his face, especially around his eyes. However, there was still a constant battle between dark and light within him because of Neldrek's connection to him through their bond. The ritual was interfering, but wasn't an issue.

During this time, he met with Arbiter Nyomii of the Marran and began to learn of her order and how it would aid him with his struggle through the flames. For a short time of them being together, they developed a relationship but had it ended when it was too dangerous for them to even be together, especially since they were both Jedi where it was forbidden.

While on Corellia, Kel'nark decided to aid the Republic in several ambush locations to take down Imperial troops that were making their way to key positions on the planet during the rebellion and the end of the Treaty of Coruscant. For a time, his assistance was of high value, but was once more cut short when his old apprentice, Darth Riavar Bloodsworn, accompanied an Imperial contingent. The confrontation ended with all the troops dead on both sides, leaving Kel'nark to face the pureblood alone. Thinking with all of the cybernetics that his old student has, he would be at a disadvantage. Much to the zabrak's surprise and horror, Riavar was twice as strong as he was, if not more as he easily deflected each of his blows and completely overpowered him by breaking his legs, arms and several ribs. But he wasn't to be killed on that day either when Riavar left him with a homing beacon so the Republic can recover him and rush him back to Tython to recover for several months.

Upon his recovery, he sought out the Marran once more and joined them on their quest to rid the galaxy of the Dark Side forever. During his time with them, he has learned to use the Flames of the Dragoon as all Marran in the Order knew. The first thing that happened upon learning it however, was the burning of the dark side link he shared with his brother, severing their connection with each other and would result in Neldrek's insanity taking hold.

Suspended Animation

Now with the Marran for nearly a year, he aided them on several missions as well as inner workings. One day, he learned of a possible dark side ritual that was to happen on the planet Voss and decided to investigate it himself. He didn't only find the ones responcible for the disturbance, but Riavar was there as well, not to Kel'nark's surprise. He decided to thwart whatever it was they were planning, but failed when he was overpowered and captured to be used in the ritual. Riavar was revitalized to a point, but was then forced to separate the zabrak's essence from his body, handing it to the figures that created the ritual because if he didn't, he would die as well. The look Kel'nark saw in his old student's eyes showed that even he could not tolerate the acts like this anymore, but had to do what was necessary.

While the zabrak's body was put into suspended animation, thanks to medical technology of their age, his essence writhed in pain as he was tortured on his home planet, where the figured originated from. It was here that he learned that Nerroc's spirit lingered and worse yet, was resurrected in a new body through a blood ritual of his own creation to return him to the prime of his youth. Not only that, he also saw that his parents were spared the fate of the rest of his planet, but was Nerroc's personal bodyguards through mind control.


Kel'nark would not stay like this for long thankfully, for Riavar, Neldrek and the rest of the Marran came for him to rescue him. While in the process of his liberation and return to his body, the Marran managed to save his parents as well who fell into a coma when Nerroc escaped, along with the entity, Dread. His rescue did come at a cost however. In an effort to buy the Marran time to escape the doomed planet that was on the verge of destruction, Riavar stayed behind to keep it stable through a ritual that took his entire reserve of force power to sustain until they managed to escape. The pureblood died with the planet as it broke apart.

Face with much self guilt, Kel'nark decided to leave the Jedi Order and go into self exile to contemplate on what he has done that lead up to this point. He lost his father once he learned that he died in the coma, but most importantly, he lost a dear friend that could have been avoided were he not naive.

Current Status

After learning of Nerroc's plan with the Purebloods that settled on several colony worlds within Imperial Space, Kel'nark returned to the Marran to aid in their war that they were currently fighting, far away from the current war between the Republic and Empire. The more help he could offer them, the faster they can go back and deal with the ancient pureblood once and for all. Rumors are now going among the Marran that he is to be named Arbiter at the next naming.


The Republic, The Marran

Personality Traits

Upon his return to the Marran, the once outgoing and wisdom spreading zabrak has become quieter and more withdrawn from those around him. He second guesses most of his crucial decisions and keeps to himself on his opinions, for he believes that he would only cause more damage if he didn't. Not only this, but his heart is empty with no way to fill the void that was left behind after years of being with family even at great lengths, and the ending of relationships with Arbiter Nyomii and Arbiter Sien Zoth.

Noteable Possessions

Old Sith Armor, which he uses once more but repainted to the colors of the Jedi (Brown and Bronze).


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