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Kot'nerw Drekova
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Vital Information
Aliases: "Weapon"
Rank: Padawan
Age: Aprox. 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow/Slightly luminous
Species: Mixed breed, Iridonian/Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 186M(6'1)
Weight: 106kg(235lbs)

Early Life

A Former Sith apprentice and assassin Kotnerw was a figure of the shadows. Spawned and trained by his father, a powerful Sith Lord named Wrentok Drekova, he spent nearly all of his life as "The Weapon". As an assassin he was very effective and seemed to have a knack for hunting down elusive and often very powerful force users, be they Jedi or even other Sith. Living his sheltered life gave him an edge in lacking emotions or even an understanding of social etiquette. Sometime in his twenty-first year Kotnerw threw off his chains and fled Lord Drekova in an attempt to join the Jedi and right the wrongs of his life.

He spent much of his youth as little more than a caged animal, even given his father's name in exact reverse to show how much disdain his father held for him. He was released only to train until the age of eight when he was forced to end the life of his first sentient. After having made his first kill the boy was awarded a saber to begin training with and using in future kills.More than twenty years he was trained to hunt down and kill all of his sadistic Sith master's enemies.

Current History and Status

After a long struggle with the Dark Side, Kot faced off against Kala'shi on the Marran monastery moon. Unfortunately, he did not survive the encounter.


  • The Marran
  • Master Serimirl Relik

Personality Traits

  • Aggressive
  • Violent
  • Somewhat socially awkward when speaking to unfamiliar women

Notable Possessions

  • Several Sabers collected from various assassinations in his old life.
  • 1 "Junked" star-ship