Ladaa Rehn

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Ladaa Rehn
Vital Information
Aliases: None
Rank: Warden
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Species: Human [Cyborg]
Birthplace: Ulmatra
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs

Ladaa is one of the Marran's Rangers, and one of the best pilots in the entire Marran Order. Hailing from the grimy streets of a trade world in Hutt Space, her current job is keeping a metaphorical ear to the ground as she and her crew merrily continue running various weapons, stims, and other contraband across the galaxy. She is easily recognizable by her scars and respirator.

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Early Life

Life on Ulmatra

Ladaa's early childhood was remarkably stable. Her father, Blos Rehn, was one of the chief enforcers and tactical advisors for a local Hutt; her mother, Menya, was the well-informed proprietor of a small cantina. Her father taught her how to shoot a blaster pistol starting when she was four.

When Ladaa was about six years old, a rival Hutt invaded the territory of her father's employer, starting a vicious underworld war that would last for a whole decade. Her mother was shot and killed in her own cantina when she was eight, and her father was captured two weeks before her eleventh birthday. Having no other place to turn to, Ladaa and her younger sister Niida Rehn moved in with their uncle, Slipshod.

Slipshod ran a "hidden hangar" of sorts, where ships that couldn't, or shouldn't, go through Hutt customs agents (they exist!) could land and take off in relative secrecy--perfect for smuggling, or for hiding certain ships and shipments from prying eyes. Slipshod's income was scarce, so the sisters took to scavenging in the streets to help support themselves.

Unfortunately, once this hangar was discovered, it became a priority target. The invading Hutt sent his forces to bomb the hangar when Ladaa was fifteen. Amazingly, she picked up a blaster and dispatched them all--but not in time to stop the charges from detonating. Slipshod was killed, and much of the hangar was destroyed; Ladaa herself was critically wounded.

When she next awoke, she had been saved by a mysterious street doctor, who introduced himself as Dr. Balin. Balin had installed several cybernetic upgrades, including an actual durasteel liver and her trademark respirator, as well as a remote killswitch for the respirator. He told Ladaa that her uncle and sister died in the explosion, even though Niida was not present when the hangar blew up, and then demanded that Ladaa find a way to pay him back for the cybernetics, or else he'd flip the killswitch.

Truly alone for the first time, and with a face full of hideous red scars, Ladaa returned to the burnt-out shell of the hangar, where she discovered one ship that had escaped virtually unscathed--and loaded with crates of blasters and munitions. She spent the next week aboard the ship, and digging through the remains of the others for food and instructional holos. Being in a rather unimaginative mood after having her face blown off only a week ago, she christened the ship "Heart" and, once her small collection of holovids on how to operate a ship had been exhausted, she took off into space in search of a buyer for her cargo.

Early Smuggling Career

Having almost no experience or knowledge relating to surviving in the criminal underworld outside of scavenging on the streets, Ladaa quickly found that her Heart had a previous owner, and that owner was very upset about losing both his ship and his cargo. It wasn't long before the Cathar conman known as "Crazy Cat" Cashatt tracked her down and confronted her. But instead of killing her, or throwing her back onto the street, Cashatt took pity on Ladaa, and took her under his wing. Cashatt hadn't named the ship when he had it to himself, but had definitely wanted something relating to "lead" in the ship's name. They compromised, and the ship was rechristened the Heart of Lead.

Current History and Status

Becoming Captain

By the time her scars faded from an angry red to their current dull skin color, Ladaa had gained Cashatt's trust; she became his first mate at age 24. That changed in the blink of an eye when the rest of the crew mutinied. Cashatt was launched out into space in an escape pod, and Ladaa was left stranded on a war-torn Ord Mantell.

While trying to find her way off of the planet, she pulled a wounded man from the crossfire, under the justification that he was shooting separatists and she needed information about the area from someone that wasn't trying to kill her. She gained much more than that; the young man fought by her side, then accompanied her when she finally secured a shuttle ride to Coruscant, and beyond. Ladaa hunted down the mutinous crew and won back the Heart of Lead, becoming its captain. The young man traveling with her, now known as The Kid, was officially her sidekick by this point.

The Uprising

During an ill-advised job carrying medical supplies to Taris, Ladaa found herself teaming up with Vaalerin, who was just a padawan at the time--hence, she nicknamed him "Paddy". They both got involved in an underground anti-slavery movement around the same time, known as The Uprising. During this time, the killswitch on Ladaa's respirator was removed, and she was reunited with Niida, who had since joined the Jedi Order herself.

Ladaa's crew also grew during this time; the Kid brought aboard Lia'Yi, a former slave from Dromund Kaas with considerable medical knowledge. PT-55, a droid that belonged to one of the mutineers, had gained sentience and escaped his master, though he was more than happy to return to the Heart, provided he was treated like an actual person. Cashatt was also discovered to be alive, and though he grumbled about not being the captain anymore, for the most part he was content to just be back aboard.

Eventually, the Uprising movement disbanded. Vaalerin was the only member Ladaa kept contact with.

The Marran

It was Vaalerin who pulled Ladaa into the Marran. What started as a job to transport a ground team to and from a planet and help them recover an artifact inadvertently awakened a dormant Force sensitivity Ladaa was not aware she possessed. She began taking more jobs for the Marran, as well as turning to them for help and basic training.

Currently, she is considered a full-fledged member of the Marran, and sees them as a sort of second family.


Ladaa is extremely loyal to the Marran, perhaps more than she lets on. If she knows an individual is part of the Marran Order, that's reason enough for her to spring into action when they're in danger.

Ladaa also maintains generally amiable relations with the Republic and the Jedi Order, both of whom have bought her services on several occasions. It seems she chose her affiliation initially based on who she prefferd to work with; Ladaa sees Imperial government as "stingy and no fun", and prefers not to work with Sith, citing that she "likes staying alive and un-maimed".

Of course, Ladaa is fiercely protective of her crew and ship.

For some bizarre reason, Ladaa and Ajeno Talkaz hate each others' guts.

Personality Traits

Bold, confident, cocky, shameless, and often underhanded--the first thing many people see when they meet Ladaa is her personality and bravado. She will take any opportunity to show off her prowess, whether in a ship, with her blasters, or anywhere else. When things don't go her way in a conflict, however, she's all too willing to fight dirty; once, when confronted with an enemy fleet, she flooded their comm channels with tasteless holonet vids in order to distract them and gain the upper hand. She also seems rather vain, despite having a face full of scars and a respirator, and calling her the Marran speederbike probably isn't far from the truth.

Among close friends, however, Ladaa can be surprisingly sensitive and open. She strongly values her friendships and those she considers family. While Ladaa does like being paid for her work, she does have standards: she will not kill innocents needlessly or deal in slaves, and if asked to ship Force artifacts by an employer, she'll most likely bring the artifacts to the Marran monastery instead.

Ladaa has a fear of doctors, based off of personal experience. She also has an intense and inexplicable hatred of rakghouls, avoiding them if possible, and if not, finding the quickest and often messiest way to kill them.

Noteable Possessions

The Heart of Lead, her personal freighter

Cybernetics - include respirator, durasteel liver

Blaster pistol collection, one of which has been repurposed into a personal toy

Baby choking finch; Ladaa has tentatively named it "Kimbaba," which roughly means "vegetarian" in Huttese.[1]


Ladaa's player is "Ladaa" on the Marran forums and "Li'l Ladaa" on the wiki.

There's an OOC joke where people will affix an arbitrary amount of "da"s to the end of Ladaa's name, resulting in various permutations of "Ladadadadaa". In the guild Teamspeak, these syllables are often sung to the tune of Beethoven's 5th symphony. [2]