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Vital Information
Aliases: Lan, Nela, Ela
Rank: Squire
Age: 23
Hair: White
Eyes: White(due to them being useless since she can't see through them)
Species: Miraluka
Birthplace: Coruscant
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135 lbs

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Early Life

Lanela was born into a simple family, while her mother and father were both jedi they weren't fighters and tended to stick to the simpler things in life(Or so she thought.); thus began the life of a particular girl during such a peaceful time. Like all force-sensitive and adept children, the girl was sent at the age of six to the temple at Courscant, her training was just like any other padawan's. During this time the sacking began; she was going to be taken to Korriban after being captured but was saved by a valiant squad of troopers lead by Droden. He saved her life and in return for his chivalry she gifted him her stuffed taun taun named 'Scruffy'; she was sent to Tython right afterwards to continue her training. Due to her potency in the force she was an excellent student but had to stay various years after due to the raw amount that was contained within her; after which she began to help the Republic in the war effort. Particularly she joined the Marran, doing what she could to aid them in their crusade against the dark side.

Current History and Status

Lanela Estherian (art by Evanyell)

As of late, Lanela has recently joined the Marran and settled with the rank of squire; whether or not she will rise the miraluka cannot say nor is too concerned. A simple jedi knight awaiting the command to shield the innocent and uphold the image of the order she represents. Recently learning she is a relative to both Caer and Raiyden, an Estherian. Her mother and father both seem to be powerful gray sided force users that wish for her death to cure the woman who brought her into this world to begin with. Recently reunited with Droden, within the past two weeks it seems the two have bonded into a close relationship; often spending much time on the ship with him alone.


Sin'Volace: Friends, although recently distant.

Droden: A person from her past; recently reuniting to become her lover.

Caer: Recently found out she was her cousin; they hit it off pretty well and Lanela would like to say they're pretty close friends.

Personality Traits

Stoic, curious, understanding, patient, and cautious. Lanela's personality is one of a light-heart, taking on the world with a smile and forgiving those who had wronged others if they had offered to redeem themselves. However, the miraluka is not shy from purging evil should it squirm and writhe while trying to slip into the gaps of the floor.

Noteable Possessions

A small droid that waddles and has a few glowing eyes along the front, its primary function is to be adorable.