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Makeera Norstra
Vital Information
Aliases: Makz, Mak'ika, Meeks
Rank: paladin (squire)
Age: 26
Hair: light brown/dark blonde
Eyes: Blue
Species: Human
Birthplace: Tion Cluster
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115 lbs

Makeera was born of noble lineage along with her sister Kamiera. During the war in the Tion Cluster a salve trader used the chaos to kidnap the girls and sell them off for a price. The girls were sold to a Sith Master named Wrentok Drakova, Kamiera was eventually removed from Wrentok's control and given to another Sith Master. Makeera was trained to be Wrentoks most skiled sith apprentice once force use ability was discovered. Eventually Makeera managed to flee her master after 14 years of Wrentoks control and found sanctuary in the Marran. Kamiera however has been not heard from since separated from her sister at the age of 12.

Early Life

Makeera was brought to the Marran after being found on Alderaan. She was wounded a piece of metal was lodged deep in the side of her stomach. She also had a severe case of amnesia induced by head trauma and a Sith Master placed mental block. Once brought into the safety of the Marran, she was treated for her wound and her mind analyzed.It was found that the mental block in her head had been routed to induce a secondary personality. Keathes placed in her head by her Master (A default placed in line if she was ever to become captured) to create an alter ego of her self.

Makeera spent the first few days of her life among the Marran forced cuffs and restrained to med bay, due to her unforeseen history and unknown danger she could cause based on the knowledge she may work for a sith. Once allowed to wander among the grounds of the Marran complex, another member triggered the alter ego inside her to come forth in a dramatic display, once again resulting in her prolonged restraint in Medbay.

Makeera eventually earned her way out only to have her life crash around her as the guy she liked made it clear he was uninterested in her, the Keathes mind took control in order to save Makeera from her self and the emotional state she was entering resulting in a fight and mind control battle with Makeera, Keathes, and the guy. . Later that evening Keathes decided in order to save Makeera from her self destructive road she needed to rebound. As well as save her from another Medbay lock down.

A snap judgement was made that would ultimately change the lives of both Makeera and Keathes. The sith mindset picked a boy she thought would be an easy rebound and even harden the girl.Never could she of been more wrong. Makeera and the boy connected and connected in a strong way. He whisked her away and in the few days of just them alone,they became a perfect match.

Makeera returned to the monastery, where she was assigned a teacher to help her hone her force powers. With the support of Junior at her side, she began to bloom into her own. While Keathes watched from the side lines growing in her own way as she begun to soften watching Makeera grow and fall in love. Meanwhile Keathes slowly vanished almost completely

Current History and Status

Makeera has recently grown a tremendous amount; from a scared little girl with no memory, to a strong fierce and protective woman. Recently her and Junior have returned from a personal mission; where Makeera was determined to find out more about her past. Where she discoved she had a sister and hailed from noble lines. Also on this mission Junior and her acquired 3 young slaves; Neleeta, Zaire, and Preang; saving them from the same fate Makeera suffered and becoming become part of their "family". Now Makeera is aiming forward to becoming a paladin among the Marran as well as tracking down her sister.

Keathes is very rarely interfering in Makeeras life after the loss of Kot'nerw. Giving Makeera the chance to blossom on her own.


The Marran

Personality Traits

Makeera is genuinely sweet. She is strong willed and more powerful then she will admit. In her time spent with Junior she has become more free spirited and a risk taker, slowly coming into her own from her previously scared and shy little girl mentality. She tends to be UN-trusting of others due to the many and lengthily med bay stays. She has very few people she will fully open up to. Yet her friend ship circle slowly grows each day.

Noteable Possessions

Makeera can be found usually in her training gear. A gray and blue Armorweave set. Her pink purple saber at her side. When she is feeling free spited she can be found in a knee long gray trench coat, and tube top. The tops shows off quite a bit of skin and had at point bought up a huge debate of how proper it was due to her past. Makeera came to embrace the trench coat as a symbol of her new life and her relationship with Junior. Also can be found often in a armor set made for her by Junior; The "little Black dress" is an armorweave armor set that covers any gear being worn from a bracelet worn on her right hand.


(profile sill under construction)