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These are the currently known abilities of the Marran. As others are found they will be added here. It should be said that Marran often lack in Jedi abilities such as the mind trick and others as they focus on developing their Marran powers.

Note: Marran powers can only be used by those of Light Side alignment. Falling from the light, be it grey, or dark, renders someone unable to access any of their Marran abilities in any way. Furthermore, Marran that have learned the Dragoon's Flames ability cannot fall to the Dark Side and survive. If a Marran with use of the Flames falls, their Flames simply engulf them in an attempt to cleanse the Dark Side energies within them.

Kala'shi abilities, meanwhile, are neither Light nor Dark, but they do require that someone who knows the Shadowfire directly teach another the abilities. Unlike the Marran abilities, they cannot be learned from a holocron.

The Marran also have a variety of tech available to members.

Each sect of the Marran has its own unique Force abilities and skills.

Marran Abilities

While Marran force abilities are mysterious and even frightening to those that don't understand them, they are key to the Order's success in it's never ending struggle against the dark side. To truly know the Flames is to know yourself. They are both a source of comfort and defense as they are a source of Purification and knowledge.

The Flames are not simply 'light side force lightning'. And only those truly lost and fallen to the dark side need fear their touch. Their greatest asset to the Marran, however, is their use in keeping themselves from falling to the thrall of the dark side. The Flames will flicker about a Marran's form, seemingly without the Marran's call, should the Marran in question begin to make a questionable series of actions. Continuing down this path and ignoring the Flames will lead to the Marran's own Flames turning upon them.

While the Flames are painful to dark siders they are also calming and soothing. The Flames are there to guide the Marran through their duties, protect them from the predations of the dark side, and to help those that have been lost to darkness find their way back to the light. In moments of extreme need, the Flames can be used to end a thrall to the dark side in a merciful manner. If one is truly fallen and lost to the dark side without hope of redemption they can give themselves over to the Flames of a willing Marran. While the Flames will burn the willing thrall to little more than ash, they cause the thrall no pain. While this is not understood fully, it is thought that the Force accepts even those fallen back into its fold and the Flames are merely purifying the soul to be reclaimed by the Force, granting it peace and redemption in final rest.

So while the Flames will be disconcerting and often frightening to dark siders, those not fallen will often feel more at ease and calm in their presence. The Marran are warriors of the light. The Flames are their most prominent symbol and those in danger or afraid of encroaching darkness would feel a great swell of relief at the silvery glow of the Marran and their Flames.

Force Abilities

Paladins of the Silver Flame

The Eyes of Dragoon

Marran are known for their ability to sniff out even the most well hidden dark side influence. To them the dark side is a living beast that infects peoples, creatures,places, even whole worlds. To them it appears as an inky shadow that reaches out to all things around it. Sith look to be little more than shadowy beasts with tendrils seeking to devour all they come near. The Eyes can be activated at any time with a second or two of concentration. The Marran's eyes change color to a glowing silver that flicker like flames. This is basically their 'detect evil' ability.

The Mantle of Flames

For Paladins the Mantle will operate against Dark-Siders and help protect the Paladins from their powers.

Searing Blade

A Paladin can charge the blade of their weapon with the Flames, dealing more damage to Dark Side enemies. This ability can also heal the Paladin if they have been injured during a battle.


Paladins are renowned for their zealous hunt and destruction of the darkside. Their zeal is what sets them apart from most other of their Marran compatriots. They seem to have exceptional skills in combat that are augmented by the Flames.

Order of the Silver Star

Eyes of the Seeker

This ability functions like Eyes of Dragoon.

Mantle of the Keeper

A dedicant of the Order can use the Flames to absorb damage taken from Dark Side attacks. If successful, the Flames will come to the Marran's defense at their call.

Knowledge of the Ancients

Order members spend so much time working with the Flames and the Force that they seem to be particularly gifted at their use.

Wielder of the Flames

Because of their intense study of the Marran flames, Order members have the ability to channel the Flames into an attack via a ball or gout of silver fire which will cause significant damage to Dark Side enemies.

Guardians of Arris

Mark of the Dragon

The first ability taught to those that choose the path of the Guardians. Originally the Nexus recognized only those that held the bloodline of the original Guardians. However, after the fall of the Nexus into the hands of the Darkness the Nexus was cleansed, eliminating the blood seals for good.

The Mark of Arris is simply a way for the Nexus to ‘register’ new guardians and determine if they are in fact worthy of learning the secrets of the Nexus. Potential guardians are taken to the heart of the Nexus where they meditate in its presence. The Nexus then determines if the initiate is pure of heart and mind, and strong in their convictions. If the Nexus finds the initiate worthy of learning the secrets of the Nexus, a mark will appear on their skin, in the center of their chest. This is the Mark of the Dragon, and only those that have this mark placed on them by the Nexus will be able to open the hypergate network.

Guardian’s Watch

All Guardians are taught this foundation technique. A guardian that has this ability is able to ‘see’ the Nexus and communicate with it, no matter where they are in the galaxy. The Watch allows the guardians to see where there is trouble along the Nexus’ hypergate network, allowing them to alert the Marran to the conflict or danger, and seek out to right the wrongs being done. It also allows the guardians to bypass the safeguard put in place to protect the hypergates that the guardians of old used to travel from the Nexus.

The Dragon’s Valor

The Guardians have a rare ability to channel their strength through the Force to make them formidable warriors. The valor allows for the Guardian to become much faster, stronger and resilient physically so that they can go head to head with some of their more powerful opponents. It levels the playing field but the effects of it can be exhausting once the Guardians returns to their normal state.

Seal of the Dragon

The seal can be used on anything with Dark Side taint. When they find a relic or being that is a dark side threat they are marked so that the Guardians can identify them. When used on a relic or inanimate object the dark side taint to it is trapped beneath the seal to protect others from the dangers of the taint. When used on a being it’s like a bulls-eye for Guardians. It will call to the Guardian and lead them to the threat for them to neutralize or imprison. This ability requires the student to have a strong mind to project and apply this seal.


Force-sensitive Wardens can choose to learn the Eyes or the Mantle, in addition to taking two additional relics or pieces of tech. If they do not wish to learn the Eyes or Mantle, they may take four pieces of tech for their use.


The Kala'shi do not utilize the Flames. Instead, they rely on something called Shadowfire. This was originally intended as a balance for the Marran Flames, but over time the role of the Kala'shi has changed.

Eyes of the Wolf

When Kala'shi focus for a moment, a shadowy flame appears around their eyes. This change in vision will allow them to see the trail of Dark Side left by those with a taint.


When a Kala'shi summons their mantle, a flowing shadowy cloak will form around the user. This cloak shimmers and swirls making them difficult to target through normal means.

Shadow Step

The Kala'shi have the ability to step into a shadow and use it to move up to 20 feet. The shadow must be of equal size to the Kala'shi.

Shadow Blade

This is the Kala'shi version of the Searing Blade. When a Kala'shi charges their weapon with the Shadowfire, subsequent hits against Dark Side enemies will drain them of some of their ability to use the Force.

Non-Force Sensitive Abilities

If a member of any sect of the Marran happens to be non-Force sensitive, they can take up to four relics or pieces of Marran tech of their choice.


Wardens who are not Force users will have one ability specific to their Sect:

I think I might know a guy

A warden's extensive travel and contact through out the galaxy has allowed them to get to know a lot of people who may or may not owe them a favor.

They may also take 3 additional relics or pieces of Marran tech.

Third Marines

All Marines will have the following perk:

Too Stubborn to Quit

If anything Marines are known for never giving up and never saying die. No Marine will ever leave behind another. No Marine will ever give up until his or her objective is met. Marines may demonstrate persistence in combat to overcome the odds.

The may also take one of the following two abilities:

This is my Rifle

Marines train day in and day out with their weapons. They know them better than most people know their own skin. This in-depth knowledge means they can sometimes recover from a failed shot.

You didn't just shoot that green shit at me!

Marines also know their armor and its systems and capabilities like a second body. This in-depth knowledge means they may be able to adapt their defenses to deflect a shot after it's been made.

Marran Tech

The Marran maintain a heavily stocked arsenal of weaponry and tech gadgets that are made available for those inclined to use such. Those that choose to go through the arsenal and pick out gadgets, tech, and gear, will be trained in their use.

This list may be frequently updated to include additional items.

Aegis Grenades

Created by Jallira, the Aegis grenades are a simple combination of a grenade with it's shrapnel material charged with the Silver Flames. Two can be carried at any time.

Stealth Generators

These are high tech personal cloaking devices created from lost tech schematics recovered some time ago by the Marran during the Eidolon's Quest.

Calibrated Firearms

These include scopes for rifles, laser indicators for pistols, and automated gyroscopes for autocannons.

Personal Shield Generator

This is a powerful personal generator that can be activated freely in combat to deflect hits as needed.

Smart Gun Link

Requires cybernetics. A smart gun link is connected to computer either onboard powerarmor or linked somewhere to one. This link will allow them to locate weaknesses in the enemy and make their shot penetrate more successfully.

A.S.S.H.A.T. System

The Atmospheric Systematic Scanner with Holographic Appropriation Targeting. The Brainchild of Nake'clat, Kantherion, and Mickey this system links in with an onboard scanner suite, either through carried in a pack or onboard powerarmor to allow the user to better detect hidden objects and stealthed people.

The Omni-Port

This perk allows the Marran to switch out one piece of tech for another before the start of a mission. This port is considered one of their permanent tech pieces.