Marran Abilities

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These are the currently known abilities of the Marran. As others are found they will be added here. It should be said that Marran often lack in jedi abilities such as the mind trick and others as they focus on developing their Marran powers.

Note: Marran powers can only be used by those of Light Side alignment. Falling from the light, be it grey, or dark, renders someone unable to access any of their Marran abilities in any way. Furthermore, Marran that have learned the Dragoon's Flames ability cannot fall to the Dark Side and survive. If a Marran with use of the Flames falls, their Flames simply engulf them in an attempt to cleanse the Dark Side energies within them.

Marran Abilities

The Eyes of Marran:

Marran are known for their ability to sniff out even the most well hidden dark side influence. To them the dark side is a living beast that infects peoples, creatures,places, even whole worlds. To them it appears as an inky shadow that reaches out to all things around it. Sith look to be little more than shadowy beasts with tendrils seeking to devour all they come near. The Eyes can be activated at any time with a second or two of concentration. The Marran's eyes change color to a glowing silver that flicker like flames.

Dragoon's Flames:

Able to withstand exposure to the dark side and it's corrupting influence is the only way the Marran could possibly perform their self-imposed duties. Marran often open themselves up to righteous fury when confronting the dark side. This can often lead to the dark side attempting to 'sink it's hooks' into the Marran and drag them down the dark path. When a Marran feels the corrupting touch of the Shadows they can meditate and call upon the teachings of Dragoon, the first of the Marran Paladins. Purging the darkness from within wreathes their bodies in silvery flames that sear the darkness from their spirit. It is neither easy, nor painless and many a Marran has been consumed by their own Flames if the shadows held too tight a grasp upon them. Knowing the Flames makes it very difficult if not impossible to use dark side force abilities. Seeing as the Flames constantly seek to weaken and destroy dark side energies, attempting to channel such becomes incredibly difficult.

The Flames can also be concentrated into a short burst or gathered into a ball and hurled at darksiders. It should be noted this is very draining and cannot be done more than a few times before the Marran is exhausted.

Mantle Of Flames:

Recently rediscovered after the former monastery on Tatooine was reclaimed. The Mantle is an extension of Dragoon's Flames. The Marran can wrap themselves in a protective 'cloak' of the Flames to prevent dark side poisoning or attacks. It takes a great deal of concentration and is not easily learned. The Cloak has been known to dampen the effects of force lightning and force choke. It is only effective against dark side attacks or attempts at corruption. It has been known to shield Marran from possession attempts in the past.

Archon's Light:

Now that the light of the Archon has been returned to the Marran their Flames are stronger than ever in the presence of their leader. When in the presence of the Archon all Marran find it easier to call upon and wield the Flames. Granting a +2 synergy bonus on all Marran Power rolls.

Blooded Marran Powers

Searing Blade:

A Blooded Marran, the veterans of the Order who have faced great darkness and triumphed, are taught an ability to imbue the crystals of their lightsabers with the essence of the Flames. When confronting the darkness their lightsaber blades and pommels wreath themselves in the same silvery white Flames of the Marran. With practice and dedication they can learn to use their lightsabers to channel the Flames against the darkness.

Force Duel:

Recently re-discovered the Force Duel ability allows a Blooded Marran to single out an opponent. When activated Force Duel forms a dome of silvery flames over the combatants while they engage in battle. The dome of flames prevents any outside interference or either party from fleeing. The Flames remain in place until one combatant is incapacitated or dead. Force Duel may only be called upon once per day.