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Marran History and Origins

Here is a comprehensive timeline of events involving the Marran and the Garhoon.



31000 BBY

The Garhoon, a sentient humanoid species living in the far outer reaches, now known as the Unknown Regions of space, master interplanetary travel. The garhoon's predatory nature has developed from evolutionary advances. Most of the species is naturally Force Sensitive, and able to draw upon the life force of others either through direct attack and feeding or, as older garhoon learn, through the Force.

27327 BBY

The humans of Coruscant continue to launch sublight 'sleeper ships' to seed a number of worlds with humans for later colonization efforts. The Indoctrination, a sleeper ship containing some ten thousand cryogenically stored humans begins it's journey towards the distant world that has been designated Csilla.

27122 BBY

The last communication from the Indoctrination's computer is recorded on Coruscant. It reported a massive 'Lightning Storm like conditions' in space before all communication ceased. It is assumed lost.

25350 BBY

The Rakata bring war to the Garhoon in an attempt to conquer them and are repelled several times.

25300 BBY

Partially deciphered records from the Rakatan Infinite Empire state the expansion forces in the far rim encounter either a civilization or group of beings they cannot defeat.

25200 BBY

The Rakatan people suffer from a plague that cuts them off from their use of the force prompting slave revolts and chaos across the galaxy and leading to the Empire's collapse. Rakata tech left on the Garhoon homeworld is stripped, reverse engineered, and used to create interstellar space travel and other technologies for the Garhoon.

25000 BBY

The Garhoon use their new found technologies to spread through out several nearby star systems, conquering the planets with ease and enslaving the native sentient species they find as work force labor and livestock.

25000 - 20000 BBY

For nearly five thousand years the Garhoon ruled over their Empire in the unknown regions, spanning dozens of star systems. They seemed content during this time, maintaining their iron and terrible rule over the sentients they had previously conquered and enslaved. During this time period, several Garhoon become 'Elders', massively powerful beings with lifespans that have covered thousands of years. These Elders take command of the Garhoon society and Empire

24500 BBY

The First Great Schism erupts in the Core worlds between the Jedi Order and the Legions of Lettow, members of the Jedi Order who seek to use the dark side against the Order's wishes. A Jedi of an unknown or no extinct reptillian species known as 'Dragoon' among his fellows forms a group of Jedi specializing in hunting down darkside users.

24400 BBY

Dragoon formally allies with and eventually trains a group of Alderaanian Paladin's that are Force Sensitive in the ways of the Force. These Paladins in turn join the Jedi under Dragoon's tutorship and form the Jedi Subsect known as 'The Marran', the name taken from their stronghold in the Marran Plateau of Alderaan. A group within the Jedi that concentrate on discovering, tracking, and engaging dark side users.

24375 BBY

Dragoon dies from old age.

18950 BBY

Six of the ruling Garhoon elders band together and destroy the other ruling elders, absorbing their considerable powers into themselves in an even division. The six then divide garhoon society into castes. Each taking one sixth of the Garhoon Empire to oversee and manage while working closely together on the Garhoon homeworld, creating a massive structure there known as the Citadel in which they reside.

15000 BBY

Under the rulership of the Six, Garhoon society begins to split into a caste like system. Groups begin to form that teach a certain set of skills. These guilds are called 'Houses' by the garhoon and seem to specialize in one area or another. Noble houses aid in the rulership of the Empire, warrior houses teach the martial skills and warfare, the shadow houses serve as intelligence and assassins, merchant houses and artisan houses rise as well.

14450 BBY

Through further evolution the Garhoon have become a specialized species, adept at the stalking and feeding on of other species. A Garhoon woman from the Noble House of Jade rose to prominence. With the blessing of the Six, who now spent much of the passing years in a sort of hibernation sleep, she takes the mantle of rulership. The name of Queen Saraphine still echoes in the halls of the Citadel.

14450 - 10000 BBY

A series of Queens from the House of Jade rule over the Garhoon Empire and oversee the expansion of the Empire into dozens more star systems.

11997 BBY

Supreme Chancellor Pers'lya is impeached by the Pius Dea, a religious sect who install the Human adherent Contispex. Contispex's election begins the Pius Dea Era

11993 BBY

The Jedi Recusal begins when the Jedi sever all ties with the Pius Dea dominated Republic and their crusades against alien species. The splinter group, The Order of the Terrible Glare, splits from the Jedi.

11992 BBY

The Marran, led at the time by Paladin Janus Garro, declare the Order of the Terrible Glare darkside heretics. When the Jedi initially refuse to engage the dark Jedi, Janus declares the Marran no longer part of the Jedi Order. Most of the Marran follow him as he becomes the first Archon since Dragoon, inheriting the Archon's light after a sojourn to Dragoon's hidden tomb. The Marran immediately engage the Order of the Terrible Glare.

11884 BBY

Archon Janus Garro declares the Pius Dea leadership of the Republic thralls of the darkside. The Marran break their neutrality and fight against the Republic and their crusade against the zabrak and other aliens in the galactic northern regions. And continue their opposition of the Pius Dea through subsequent crusades, being branded outlaws and insurgents by the Pius Dea dominated Republic.

11100 BBY

The Inquisition begins in the core worlds and the colonies. The Jedi end their recusal to take up the fight against the Pius Dea.

10967 BBY

The Renunciation: The Renunciate movement, a splinter faction of the Pius Dea that has renounced their faith, reveals itself and allies with the Alsakani, Caamasi, the Jedi Order, and the Marran. This splits the Pius Dea faith from within, pitting the Faithful against those who have abandoned the faith.

10966 BBY

At the Battle of Uquine, the Renunciate forces annihilate the remaining Pius Dea ships. The Jedi capture Contispex XIX aboard the Flame of Sinthara, taking him to Caamas where he stands trial and is imprisoned. The Marran are responsible for the utter destruction of the last remnants of the dark Jedi fighting alongside the Pius Dea.

10965 BBY

Grand Master Biel Ductavis assumes the position of Supreme Chancellor; his ascension heralds the end of the Pius Dea era and the start of the Ductavis Era.

10000 BBY

For reasons still unknown Queen Beryl of House Jade begins the Great Inquisition. Arresting and persecuting other nobles seemingly at random. Her ire is especially pointed towards the House of Stars, another noble house that had been rising steadily in popularity for the past several centuries. Though the House of Stars suffers greatly during the Inquisition, no one in Garhoon society is truly safe. From the highest nobles to the lowest commoner and even alien slaves.

9975 BBY

The warrior House of Frost, made up of some of the greatest warriors in the Garhoon Empire declare no confidence in Queen Beryl and accuse the Inquisition of crimes against the kin. They challenge House Jade in the Trial of War. A small force from both sides are chosen and wage a pitched battle in the grand arena on the homeworld. The House of Frost utterly crushes the House of Jade's champions, thus removing Beryl from the throne. Jocynth from the House of Amber is elevated by the other noble houses as Queen.

9975 - 4900 BBY

The House of Amber immediately begins a brutal campaign to quell and more uprising among the slaves of the Empire and it's more common houses. The House of Amber declares the act of feeding upon other beings through the force as anathema to 'true' Garhoon behavior and outlaws the practice, forcing the rest of the Garhoon to feed physically, which often leads to the death of the subject through blood loss.

7000 BBY

The Second Great Schism leads to the Hundred Years Darkness. At the end of the conflict The Marran disagree with the Jedi exiling their dark brethren rather than executing them and ending the threat they posed. This disagreement leads to strained relations between the two Orders.

5000 BBY

The great hyperspace war begins. The Marran re-establish their alliance with the Jedi and aid in the war against the Sith.

4999 BBY

Vitiate calls the remaining Sith Lords of the Empire to his homeworld of Nathema, where he binds their wills to his own and conducts a powerful ritual of Sith magic. The Ritual of Nathema strips the Force from the entire planet, killing everyone on the world except Vitiate; Vitiate is made immortal and immensely powerful, becoming the Sith Emperor. Blaming Nathema's destruction on the Jedi, the Sith Emperor gathers the remains of the Empire and embarks on a lengthy exodus from Sith Space.

4995 BBY

A sith known as Darth Revanent discovers the remains of Nathema and the cause of it's destruction. The sith forswears the ways of the new sith Emperor and somehow makes contact with an unknown entity of ancient power to barter for immortality. After performing the ritual Revanent then gathers what remains of his forces and disappears into the unknown regions, leaving a holocron behind with details of the ritual used to obtain immortality.

4900 BBY

The House of Amethyst is formed. A mysterious Garhoon elder suddenly appears from long silent Citadel. Calling herself Anastralia she quickly gathers other nobles to her banner, forming the House of Amethyst. The House of Amethyst opposes the brutal treatment of the 'lesser races' and campaigns against the whole sale slaughter that House of Amber endorses and demands. Several of the warrior houses back House Amethyst as well as House Jade and a pair of the Shadow Houses, Blades and Eyes.

4875 BBY

Anastralia ascends to the throne of Queen for the predatory species, the Garhoon. Her first act is to recall the warrior caste from their work enslaving and capturing other sentients in the outer rim.

4874 BBY

Anastralia forms the Templars, elite warriors fanatically loyal to her. The first Garhoon Civil War begins as the Templars brutally bring the rest of the Garhoon species into line with Anastralia's new vision for the species. During these battles a 'lost one', a Garhoon male born through breeding with other species accidentally is found. A member of the Force tradition known as the Marran , this warrior immediately turns upon the vicious Garhoon that found him. He then tracks them back to the Garhoon home systems where he and several other Marran begin liberating some of the garhoon vassal systems used for harvest. Becoming infamously known as 'The Kinslayer', this Marran Paladin, Mallun Onerious, and his followers tear through the Garhoon holding three of their vassal systems before managing to locate the Garhoon homeworld. Mallun find himself unable to harm Queen Anastralia when they finally meet. After listening to her proposal being convinced of her sincerity, the Kinslayer aids in the hunting and destruction of those now labeled 'heretics'.

4765 BBY

The First Garhoon Civil War, also called 'The Kinslayer War' ends with the battle of Mytex 4. The remaining Garhoon heretics are scattered.

4750 BBY

For reasons unknown many Garhoon find themselves unable to birth healthy children. Garhoon men seem unable to impregnate their partners. Through study and experimentation, Garhoon scientists discover a flaw in their genetic make up, due to their long life spans, and likely manipulated by the House of Amber to prominence to ensure their domination of the Garhoon Empire during the Empire of Blood era. Anastralia quickly implements a breeding program using the Empire's slaves and conquered sentients. Male Garhoon are able to pass the Garhoon gene off to male, force sensitive offspring. There are some female offspring as well but the results are far less common. Garhoon population dwindles quickly.

4650 BBY

A young sith known as Drear discovers the holocron left by Revenant on the dead world of Nathema.

4645 BBY

The Sith Lord Darth Drear establishes a Sith academy on Odacer-Faustin, under which he builds a secret temple to store the holocron.

4250 BBY

The Third Great Schism erupts and the Marran once again ally with the Jedi to drive the dark Jedi off of Coruscant to the planet Vultar. There the Dark Jedi are contacted by a being calling himself Evenant and given a manner in which to control the Cosmic Turbine. This ends in the Vultar Cataclysm—the annihilation of the entire Vultar system.

4023 BBY

An extra-galactic species invades parts of the far outer rim, prompting the Marran to respond to battle this "Nemesis".

4018 BBY

The Nemesis Wars end. The Marran disappear from the Galaxy.

4000 BBY

The Old Sith Wars begin.

3976 BBY

The Mandalorian Wars begin.

3973 BBY

The events of the battle of Cathar and the death of over 90% of the Cathar homeworld population take place.

3964 BBY

A young, charismatic Jedi Knight is contacted by a being only calling himself Evanent. He informs the young Jedi of the events on Cathar nearly ten years prior and encourages him to investigate for himself. Evanent supplies the young Knight with plans of a powerful weapon and informs him of the shadowy hand manipulating the Mandalorians.

3963 BBY

The Revanchists, a group of young interventionist Jedi led by a charismatic Knight known as "the Revanchist," uncover evidence of the Battle of Cathar. In light of the Mandalorians' actions, the Jedi Council begrudgingly sanctions the Revanchists' entrance into the Mandalorian Wars, and the Revanchist adopts the name Revan.

3962 BBY

The remaining Garhoon heretics discover Evanent's home base and attempt to assault it in order to capture food and slaves. They are handily defeated and enslaved to the immortal being's will.

3960 BBY

The Mandalorian Wars come to an end at the Battle of Malachor V, where Revan kills Mandalore the Ultimate and the Mass Shadow Generator wipes out most of the Mandalorian and Republic fleets while destroying the planet's surface. Revan and Malak depart their Forces to search out the being manipulating the Mandalorians.

3959 BBY

Revan and Malak return to start the Jedi Civil war.

3956 BBY

The Jedi Civil war ends. The Sith Civil War begins.

3955 BBY

The First Jedi Purge begins.

3954 BBY

Sith assassins, under orders from Darth Sion, begin a widespread assassination campaign against the Jedi, who soon are all but wiped out.

3952 BBY

The Sith Lord Darth Nihilus uses his massive Force powers to feed on the life on Katarr, destroying all life on the planet, (except for the Miraluka Visas Marr), and virtually wipes out the Jedi Order.

3951 BBY

Canderous Ordo, known as Mandalore the Preserver, reunites the Mandalorian clans and aids in the fight against the remnants of the Sith Empire. Meetra Surik reestablishes connection to the Force, then kills Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion and Darth Traya, who have spent the last five years assassinating Jedi. The destruction of Malachor V and the end of the Old Sith Wars.

3781 BBY

The reconstituted Sith Empire begins preparations for their eventual invasion of the Republic.

3733 BBY

Emperor Vitate's burgeoning Sith Empire stumbles upon the weakened Garhoon worlds and homeworld. The war between the two Empires is short but violent, resulting in the destruction of much of the Garhoon society and Empire. Anastralia is gravely wounded in the final battle to repel the Empire from the homeworld and returns to the ruins of the Citadel to recover through hibernation.

3683 BBY

Jhon betrays his Sith master and escapes the Sith empire after slaughtering the intelligence team he was working with on Nar Shaddaa. He then goes into hiding on the smuggler's moon.

3682 BBY

Jhon meets a young human woman by the name of Joleen Onerious. After a courtship the pair are married, though he takes her last name, lacking one of his own. Shortly after they are married, Joleen gives birth to twins: Valen and Shari Onerious.

3681 BBY

The Great Galactic War begins as the Empire attacks the Republic.

3676 BBY

Valen Onerious is taken by Garhoon Heretics after a brief battle in which Jhon is overpowered.

3670 BBY

Ihlrath Onerious is born.

3667 BBY

Imperial Intelligence sponsors a Mandalorian gladiator in hopes of using him to rally the Mandalorians to the Sith Empire's side. Eventually, after a string of fixed victories, the gladiator is given the ancient title of Mandalore by cheering crowds in a Geonosian arena.

3666 BBY

Ihlrath is given to the Jedi for training by his parents.

3654 BBY

Kantherion Onerious is sent by the ghost of Archon Spatz to recover the Marran Holocron from the monastery on Alderaan.

3653 BBY

The Empire sacks Coruscant, destroying the Jedi Temple and inflicting mass casualties. They hold the planet hostage as the Republic, who had been tricked into attending peace negotiations on Alderaan, are forced to sign the Treaty of Coruscant, which ends the Great War, beginning the period of covert conflicts and private wars known as the Cold War . Ihlrath Onerious is granted the title of Jedi Knight for his actions during the sacking of the Temple on Coruscant. The Jedi Council decides to give the Marran Holocron to Ihlrath Onerious and allow him to reconstitute the Marran Order under their supervision. After a century of sleep, Anastralia awakens. She immediately sets her Templars to looking for a young Jedi, the son of one of the House of Frost's greatest warriors. Jhon.

3651 BBY

After nearly a year of constant study, Ihlrath unlocks the powers of the Marran and becomes the first active and empowered Marran Paladin in nearly four centuries. He immediately begins searching for other lost relics of the Marran.

3646 BBY

Valen Onerious unleashes the Sanguinis plague upon the small mining planet of Manto. Ihlrath Onerious confronts and kills his older brother. Manto is destroyed through orbital bombardment by the Republic.

3645 BBY

The Events of Red Harvest happen at the Odacer-Faustin Academy.

3644 BBY

Ihlrath recruits several prominent Jedi and others, including Jedi Knight Nyomi Adastra to form the core of the new Marran Order.

3643 BBY

Ihlrath meets Alasha Maryn. During a sabatical to the Marran Tomb on Alderaan, Ihlrath is visited by and granted the Archon's Light by Spatz.

3642 BBY

The Great Galactic War breaks out of the uneasy peace of the Cold War Era.

3640 BBY

The Dread Masters are defeated on Oricon. The Marran and the Guardians free the Nexus of the dark beings that have controled it, returning to the Guardian home and the Hypergate Network it is the center of. They discover the Arc Star dormant in the planet's solar system.

3639 BBY

Revan returns to threaten both the Republic and Sith Empire. The ancient Sleeper Ship Indoctrination is spotted as it exits what is called 'a tear in space'. The Heretic houses, thought destroyed in the civil war and the Sith incursion return with their forces strengthened. Revan is deafeated on Yavin.

3638 BBY

The Second Garhoon Civil War ends with the death of Zsaaz in the Prison of Ancients. Some heretical garhoon survive but are scattered and alone.

3637 BBY

Ziost is destroyed and all life upon the planet consumed by the Immortal Sith Emperor. The Zakuul Empire emerges from Wild Space and attacks both the Empire and the Republic. The Marran join a massing of Republic Forces at Kuat to battle the Zakuul fleet. The Nova Talon is destroyed while the Warhammer and the Hyperion manage to barely escape. The Marran are scattered after being soundly beaten along with the rest of the Republic forces. After years of being unable to reproduce, the first Trueborn Garhoon child, Aerena Onerious, is born, the daughter of Ihlrath and Alasha Onerious.

3636 BBY

The Zakuul blockade both Dromund Kaas and Coruscant. Forcing the Republic and Empire into cease-fire treaties and become vassal states to the Zakuul.

3632 BBY

The Outlander is freed from carbonite. Kantherion Onerious and Clan Kryam'Lupinir along with Captain Vladimir Broskovich have repaired the Arc Star to partial functionality and use it as a mobile base of operations, searching out Marran survivors from the Battle of Kuat. After years of searching they quickly begin to gather those they had been tracking over the years. The Marran reform. A few months after they are able to nearly fully restore the Arc Star and attack Exarch Braylus while his forces are committed. Braylus is killed and his base in the Yonfar system is destroyed.