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Vital Information
Aliases: Ghost
Rank/Title: Contractor / Ranger
Age: 21
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Species: Cathar
Birthplace: Cathar
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150 lbs.

Scout and youngest member of the Buurenaar Wolves serving the Marran contract. She does appear to be attuned to the force, but it is obvious to any Jedi she has no formal training really in it.

Early Life

Nimiera began life in the treetop villages of her people on Cathar. Her sensitivity to the force was recognized at an early age and she was trained by the local shaman native to her village. She was taught to use telekinesis, some minor healing techniques, and to confuse the mind. All things to help in her ability to hunt and tend to the needs of her kin. She also trained as a huntress, slipping quietly through the forrests to bring home food and other things. She was quite adept at it and picked up both sets of skills quickly.

Her village had a few modern conveniences but for the most part preferred the pre-technological life they had known for centuries.

One day while out hunting, she saw something very strange. A star ship setting down in the distance of the forest. This was all new to her, in her remote village she had never seen a ship like that before, and her curiosity got the better of her. She snuck up to the ship and got a closer look. She marveled at all the metal and metal men as they worked around the ship. A lot of strange creatures milled around the vessel, and they seemed to be commanded by several large lizard like creatures. She tried to get a little closer, then the next thing she remembered she was stripped and in a cage by the ship.

The lizard like people, she later came to know as Trandosians, were on the planet on, what was to them, a routine slaving run to capture new slaves for the markets on Hutta. Nimiera was loaded on the ship and taken away. She spent the next ten years as a slave. She served a few Hutts here and there, being sold off occasionally between rivals. She struggled at first, but eventually came to settle into her life as a slave, learning what she could of computers and honing her abilities which as the hutts came to notice, only raised her price. One of the hutts had even brought in a tutor that gave her a bit more instruction and control.

As the years rolled by she honed her abilities more and became somewhat adept in slicing computer systems. Though that was all about to end.

Her current master had made some bad bets and found himself on the wrong side of his chief rival. The rival contracted the Buurenaar Wolves to exterminate the rival and his house. The merc had no trouble over powering her master's meager defenses and killed her master. As the mercs cleaned up, they happened upon the slave pens, the talked with the slaves and released most of them, a few were taken with, Nimiera amoung them. They quizzed the ones they took further, mostly some of the fighting types. Nimiera saw the mercs were looking among the slaves to recruit into their ranks. When they came to her she, was quick to list her virtues and talents for them, and was accepted.

Nimiera spent the next year working with the Buurenaar Wolves, earning thier trust, and practicing her skills, quickly becoming the top infiltrator and scout in the clan, and building a bit of a name for herself.

Current History and Status

Relationship Status: Single

Nimiera was selected personally by Ithramier to join his crew to serve with the Marran under the new contract that had been forged.


Buurenaar Wolves Republic The Marran Cathar homeworld.

Personality Traits

Nimiera is the youngest of the Buurenaar Wolves selected to serve the contract. She is a very curious girl often the first to offer to go see something new. Any shyness she gained in her servitude was quickly lost in her time with the wolves. Still though sometimes if you surprise her or catch her off guard you might sometimes catch a hint of her previous life in servitude. She tried to hide it well though. She also tends to have a soft spot for the down trodden and absolutely hates slavers with a passion.

Noteable Possessions

Silver pendant, bearing the crest of the wolves.

Custom Cathar War Staff

Personal Shield Generator


She noticably does not wear the heavy power armor as most of the other clan does, and as is common to Mandalorians.