Nyomi Adastra

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Nyomi Adastra
Vital Information
Aliases: None
Rank: Arbiter
Age: 40
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Species: Human
Birthplace: Coruscant
Height: 5'8
Weight: 155 lbs

A lifelong Jedi and ardent defender of the Republic, Nyomi is a stubborn and brash veteran committed to defeating the Sith once and for all, or die trying. Always naturally passionate, she has constantly struggled with the teachings of the Jedi. She is equally always prepared for a fight, never without her lightsaber and regularly in full armor. Despite her penchant for violence, Nyomi's intent is always to end a conflict permanently and ensure it does not arise again. Scarred and weary from years of intense fighting on countless battlefields, Nyomi still stubbornly struggles onwards, always putting her duty as a Jedi above her own personal matters.

Early Life

((Good lord this is long, which is what I get for originally creating Nyomi for a full length story and never getting around to finishing it. Watch your step around the plot holes.))

Given to the Order at a very young age, Nyomi had no memories of her original family or life before the Jedi. However, this suited her quite fine. With the sudden appearance and invasion of the Sith Empire coinciding with Nyomi’s youth, she decided from a young age that she would defend the Republic against the Empire’s onslaught. The constant and drastic reports of the war on new holostations only reinforced this drive and she focused her full attention on lightsaber combat and physical training, at somewhat of a deficient to the other lessons of a Jedi. However, she managed to pass her Initiate Trials and was chosen as a padawan by the calm and patient Kel Dor Jedi Master Kar Hirkun. While Nyomi was quite impatient to join the fight against the Empire, Kar patiently encouraged restraint, but given the desperate state of the war he could only delay for so long. At the age of nineteen, Nyomi departed for the distant front lines with Kar and another master and padawan pair. The other padawan, Orias Vallen, would eventually become her close friend, then padawan, then lover.

While Kar did the best he could to continue teaching restraint and patient to Nyomi, she thrived in a manner not becoming of a Jedi on the bloody battlefields in the Outer Rim. The atrocities committed by the Empire only reinforced her belief that her own aggressiveness was necessary to defeat them. After several months of fighting, Kar was cut down by a Sith amidst a Republic retreat. Nyomi saw the act from a distance, and convinced the soldiers around her to push back against the advancing Imperials. While the reports of the battle would later praise her courage and tenacity, Nyomi only saw the revenge of killing that Sith, and she threatened the people next to her as much as she inspired them. She did manage to slay the Sith, and in the aftermath, the Council promoted her to Knight for her apparent valor in turning a retreat into a counterattack. In her grief, Nyomi grew closer to her fellow Jedi Orias. When his master was killed in battle some time later, the Council decided that Nyomi would take him as her padawan until he was deemed fit for advancement.

They continued fighting across numerous fronts, soon being assigned to a squad of Republic Special Forces. While they were good men and women, they were hardened soldiers and Nyomi and her padawan grew equally aggressive and callous towards their enemies. While the reports to Republic Command and the Jedi Council were of successful operations, destroyed objectives, and liberated systems, the cost in enemies, Sith and Imperial military, was always high and prisoners taken were very rare. However, she worked well with the soldiers she fought with and the Council granted her the rank of master, more so to grant her more authority with military command as she became one of the primary Jedi representatives in her section of the front. However, her combative nature often appears off the battlefield, and she butted heads with the Council several times when they attempted to recall her from the front. In between assignments, Nyomi and Orias grew closer still until they were lovers. Nyomi and her squad participated in many battles across the last decade of the war, from several months on Balmorra, to the failed invasion of Ziost and the far more successful defense of Alderaan.

On another distant world, Republic forces were in full retreat and Nyomi and her squad had split up into two shuttles during the evacuation. Orias was in the other shuttle as it was shot down and Nyomi attempted to threaten the pilot to bring their shuttle back until her squadmates managed to talk her down. She became more aggressive in the aftermath, teetering ever closer to the Dark Side as she let her anger drive her fight against the Empire. However, her stubborn hatred of the Sith kept her from defecting and eventually the war came to a close with the Sacking of Coruscant. While Nyomi was still on a distant front, she protested fiercely to no avail and was recalled to Tython.

The Council kept her there for a short time, concerned by her aggressiveness. She was eventually suggested to take on a padawan if she was to return to her duties, and a young Jedi named Trent Marrus became her student. They performed several missions together, eventually coming into contact with an enigmatic smuggler named Veran Cass, having recruited them to provide transport after their ship had been damaged by Mandalorian mercenaries. During this time she had a brief fling with Veran before his ship was captured by an Imperial interdictor.

When they attempted to take the fight to their captors, Nyomi discovered that Orias was the Sith in charge of the ship, having survived the shuttle crash years ago only to be captured and driven to the Dark Side by the Empire, the experience leaving him with terrible scars and extensive cybernetics. As he and Nyomi dueled, he goaded her until she gave into her anger and used the Dark Side to strengthen herself. He continued, suggesting that the Jedi would betray her for slipping. They fought to a standstill, Nyomi driving him back enough to escape with Veran and Trent. Veran returned them to Tython and departed. That night, a pair of Sith assassins dressed as Jedi appeared in Nyomi’s quarters, having stowed away on Veran’s ship, and attempted to kill her. She killed them both in a fit of rage and stole a ship to flee Tython, seeking out Orias as she believed he had been right all along.

Trent contacted both Veran and the RSF squad Nyomi had fought with in order to rescue her, along with a Jedi Shadow assigned by the Council. They tracked the ship to a remote moon that had been decimated by Imperial bioweapons testing. When they attacked the Imperial base hidden there, they found Nyomi as Orias’s apprentice in the Dark Side, as well as Sithspawn creations that cut down much of the commando squad. Meanwhile Trent and Veran attempted to convince Nyomi to turn away from the Dark Side, but the Shadow struck first and Nyomi promptly retaliated. She wounded the Shadow, when Veran and Trent finally convinced her to relent, only to have Orias cut the Jedi down. Nyomi struck at him in order to protect Veran and Trent, and they fought fiercely, evenly matched until Nyomi used her anger to strengthen herself and wounded him. However, she did not kill him, knowing that it would lead to her permanent fall.

Veran, having no such qualms, shot him dead while Nyomi and Trent helped the remaining Republic commandos escape. Trent and the soldiers returned to the Republic, while Nyomi remained with Veran. They wandered across Hutt space for a time, though Nyomi eventually grew frustrated dealing with the matters that smugglers tend to daily, and guilty over her abandonment of the Jedi. She returned to Tython, submitting herself to the scrutiny of the Council. But due to the support of her padawan, who passed his Trials upon her return, the Council only stripped her of her rank of master and kept her at the Temple for a few years to contemplate her past actions and work towards better control.

Current History and Status

When she returned to active duty as a Knight, Nyomi resumed the duties of a Jedi, which once again took her across many worlds, most of them conflict zones. She continued to struggle with her anger and emotional control through crises such as the appearance of the Revanite Mask, as well as personal issues with new trysts and taking on padawans once again. She was with Ihlrath as he first rebuilt the Marran, drawn to the idea of taking a stronger offensive against the Empire, and as Arbiter did everything she could to help lead them through the assorted conflicts they’ve been drawn in to, from Dark Side creatures to aliens from beyond the galaxy in addition to the Sith and their forces. Among other conflicts, Nyomi faced down Darth Raath alongside her then padawan Sedryn as the Marran fought to destroy his superweapon. While they defeated him and destroy it, Nyomi lost her arm in the duel and spent some time recovering on Tython, during which she was promoted to Master once again as the Council acknowledged her improvement over the years.


-The Jedi Order

-The Marran Order

-Republic Army

-Republic Special Forces

-Balmorran Resistance Forces

Personality Traits

While brash and aggressive, Nyomi has always been a staunch defender of the Republic and committed to the ideals of the Jedi Order, even when she falls short of expressing them herself. Her experiences in the war have left her quick to strike down enemies and impatience for anything that impedes her duty. On distant, bloody battle fronts she often saw the worst people, especially that of the Empire and it’s allies, had to offer and this has left a strong impression on her. However, she will fight and defend with that same stubborn streak, regardless of odds or her own injuries. She constantly struggles to control her own anger and impatience, weary and bitter from years of war and constant questioning of her choices as a Jedi. Her demeanor is often dour and serious, a further reflection of her weariness that unfortunately tends to mix with her usual impatience and short temper. She rarely appreciates being reminded of her flaws and mistakes, being quite aware of them herself. She is also intensely loyal to those who earn her trust, often by fighting beside her, and she takes such bonds quite seriously. Her commitment to her duty and the Jedi Order is equally serious. Despite her tendency to use violence as a first response, she has a disdain for brutality and conquest and practices that encourage them, which tends to override the standard Jedi respect for cultural practices.

Noteable Possessions

-Marran Power Armor, recovered from an old Marran monastery.

-Custom made prosthetic left arm, designed with armoring and reinforcements to provide strength far beyond that of a standard humanoid’s arm, to replace the arm she lost while dueling Darth Raath with her former padawan.

-Defender class light corvette, assigned from the Jedi Order to more easily attend to duties.


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