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Vital Information
Aliases: Ry
Rank: Archivist
Age: 30
Hair: Brown
Eyes: None
Species: Miralukan
Birthplace: Corelia
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220

A Green Jedi from the planet of Corellia, Ry is an accomplished swordsman and Jedi historian.

Early Life

Ry'valen was orphaned to the jedi enclave on the planet of Corellia when he was just a babe. He has always grown up around other Jedi and took a fascination with their history. As a young boy he could often be found poking through the archives in his free time after his lessons. As a Miralukan, he was expected to be strong in the force, a promise that was well founded as he grew older. Several of his martial trainers became worried as Ry became old enough to undergo saber training. Being unfamiliar with Miralukans they wondered how a blind man could ever be proficient with a saber like those with sight. This only drove Ry to try harder, after years of training he mastered the use of his force sight and other senses in combat. He quickly rose to the top of his class in the martial arts and even went on to be trained in advanced twosaber fighting and the Juyo form. He found this form most useful, as the sighted would be blinded by the flames and smoke from his attacks, his force sight could see clearly. Allowing him to get the drop on his opponents who often underestimated him for his lack of eyes.

After graduating from Padawan to a full Jedi, he began to grow restless on Corellia. He yearned to spread his wings and explore the long lost secrets of the Jedi on long forgotten worlds. The masters soon saw this and granted him special permission to leave Corellia seeing he could do more good in the galaxy out in it. He was granted a ship and soon he was off into the galaxy.

He worked off and on for the Jedi council aiding where he could, but often he was given leave to pursue his love of archaeology and history. Over the years he often was paired with a young Zabrak Jedi, by the name of Ka'leya. She often provided medical support and a certain unique insight into his work in he varrious ruins and tombs, that were often trapped or riddled with dangerous creatures.

During his adventures he ran across several artifacts referring to a little known order of Jedi, known as the Marran. What he found piqued his interest and his zeal for pushing back the darkness when and when he could. His sabers literally a torch in the darkness. Eventually as he learned more he discovered the Monastery of the old order, and made contact. To his honor he was welcomed by Keeper Sylvanne and Arbiter Ala'sha. He showed them what he had found in his trips, and was welcomed to join the order.

Current History and Status

Relationship Status: Single Mentor / Foster: Sylvanne Position: Squire to the Archivists


Republic, Correlian Jedi, Jedi Order, Marran

Personality Traits

Ry, overall is more easy going than the norm for Jedi, often willing to look past a person's faults or moral failings to see the person inside. He also is more willing than most Jedi to bend the rules at times for the greater good. Though he often keeps it to himself, those close to him would learn he does not often see eye to eye with the Jedi Council and their current acceptance of what he believes to be an altered code of conduct.

Noteable Possessions

Twin customized lightsabers (generally set to generate heavier and looser form of plasma to accentuate his Juyo technique); Green robes, crafted from heavy armor weave.


While he does not advertise it, Ry believes and holds true to what he believes is the original code of the Jedi. He believes this is the truer form of what the old original masters held to be the ideal of what a Jedi should be. Preaching temperance and moderation over what the current order embraces which is far more rigid and cold.

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.