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Vital Information
Aliases: Niaka, Aka, Gemini, Cipher 7, +
Rank/Title: Ranger/Chief Engineer Warrant Officer
Age: 14 (21 give or take Chiss)
Hair: Silver (Currently: Black)
Eyes: Red
Species: Chiss
Birthplace: Csilla
Height: 1.589 meters
Weight: 47 kilos

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Early Life

Current History and Status


  • Chiss Ascendancy
  • Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet
  • Imperial Intelligence
  • Imperial Science Bureau
  • Luxor
  • <Redacted>
  • <Redacted>
  • <Redacted>
  • The Marran
  • Republic Navy
  • Marran Paladins
  • Marran Rangers
  • <Redacted>

Personality Traits

Noteable Possessions

  • Promise ring from her childhood (Location: Unknown)
  • "Squeak" recording droid gifted by Sabosen'nal'alani
  • Dual crafted songsteel/phrik alloy blades; "Csohe'ahn Rcati" {Crimson Star}, "Rin'vt Nuvci" {Sacred Night}
  • Electrum and marble lightsaber hilt crafted by Corlus Arrelius
  • Cyan color crystal from Adega gifted by Corlus Arrelius
  • White color crystal found during the Eidolon's Quest Series
  • Unknown-alloy Lightsaber hilt gifted from unknown
  • Blood-red color crystal gifted from unknown
  • "Vihin'co Viziter" {Errant Knight} Scorpion Class Claw Craft gifted from Sabosen'izi'alani and Niatara Keryn-Mireth