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Vital Information
Aliases: Nala, Nal, Rin, Isika, Sonata, Cipher 7, +
Rank: Squire/Knight
Age: 13 (20 give or take Chiss)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Species: Chiss
Birthplace: Csilla
Height: 1.524 meters
Weight: 44 kilos

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Early Life

Current History and Status


  • Chiss Ascendancy
  • Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet
  • Imperial Intelligence
  • Imperial Science Bureau
  • Luxor
  • <Redacted>
  • <Redacted>
  • <Redacted>
  • Obsidian Dagger
  • The Marran
  • The Jedi Order
  • Marran Shades
  • Marran Rangers

Personality Traits

Noteable Possessions

  • Csillan Violin gifted by her father Sabosen’et’alani
  • Promise ring given to her by Sabosen'iak'alani
  • Easel & Various art supplies
  • Imperial Uniforms (Far too many to list; preferred white)
  • Standard issue imperial knife
  • Standard issue imperial stealth generator
  • Sniper headset w/reticle
  • Phantom Class Starship w/stealthing capabilities
  • Pink color crystal; gifted from Enoch
  • R55 Searing Disrupter Sniper Rifle
  • Silver bracelet gifted by Sergeant Everett Taigh
  • Fred; a chameleon lizard gifted by Mickey
  • Personal files concerning Projects 0R7-V Gemini & 0M7-R Sonata
  • Eyeless helm(s), white & black
  • Dark blue robes received as padawan
  • Micro-Patroller droid; gifted from Jeos Dinas
  • Sith opera collection from Jeos Dinas
  • Dog tails from Jeos Dinas
  • L4 Droid; gifted from Marci
  • White gold & sapphire engagement ring from Enoch Coccotti
  • Pink color crystal; gifted from Sabosen'iak'alani
  • Detatchable double bladed lightsaber-shoto
  • White Jedi Robes upon knighting
  • White trench coat