Sien Zoth

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Sien Zoth
Vital Information
Aliases: Apothecary Arbiter Sien Zoth
Age: 23
Hair: Golden blond
Eyes: Yellow
Species: Iridonian Zabrak
Birthplace: Iridonia
Height: 1.679 meters
Weight: 53.079 kilos

"May the Force be with you; may it light your path and guide your way." -Sien Zoth

Early Life

Current History and Status


  • The Zoth'ru
  • The Jedi Order
  • Order of the Eclipse
  • The Marran

Personality Traits

Softspoken yet strong willed Sien Zoth is a rather reserved zabrak when it comes down to it. Due to her own personal backstory and her position as a Jedi Master, she meditates 5-7 times a day to control her more base emotions. Overall she is patient and kind but is known to become stern and 'feral' if she needs to. With the tai'shan bond she shares with Lakin Chase; this is becoming even more apparent as their biology continues to flux over the duration of the dna change.

Noteable Possessions

  • Kaet, large nexu-cat found on Voss as a kit
  • Coin-keepsake from Lakin Chase
  • Blue color crystal from Lakin Chase; first lightsaber crystal
  • Small Iridonian relic gifted by Kelnark
  • Countless robes; many from the Voss and gifted from Mystic Azen-ko
  • Yellow lightsaber crystal crafted by Lakin Chase
  • White lightsaber crystal found on Ilum with Ihlrath Onerious
  • Dran, sandcat gifted by Kantherion
  • Red/Black lightsaber crystal passed down through the Zoth'ru; Clan colors
  • Mini-Mort, worm pet gifted by Mickey
  • Unnamed Vornskr
  • Neti-stone from Eidolon's Quest; Into the Void