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Srina icon.jpg
Vital Information
Aliases: Shal'ree, Rauvari, Semalta Trase, Cipher Eight, others
Rank/Title: N/A
Age: 17 chronologically
Hair: black
Eyes: red, glowing
Species: Chiss
Birthplace: Dromund Kaas
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 137lbs

Born as "Shal'ree", Srina'idash was formerly best known as 'Cipher Eight'. As a Cipher with Imperial Intelligence, her drive to succeed combined with her race, her gender and an unfortunate professional clusterkark put her in the bad graces of large sections of the IIA. When offered a chance to 'jump ship' during an off-the-books assignment targeting the Marran, she took it, faking her death and adopting one of her many aliases as a permanent identity.

Early Life

'Shal'ree' was raised by fairly classic Ascendancy parents; her father was a Fixer with the IIA, and her mother 'tended bar' at a Dromund Kaas cantina, though she doubled as an informant. Determined to follow in her father's footsteps and more besides, and well aware that her gender and species would be a liability in the eyes of the Empire, Shal'ree bent all her efforts towards excellence in that field, spending most of her abbreviated childhood studying tactics, tech and marksmanship.

About a year before her defection, 'Cipher Eight' followed some bad leaked intel and ended up taking the blame for the botch of a supposed 'infiltration and retrieval' op by a reluctant double-agent (one Tyron Ravein). The damage her career took from that made her position within the IIA more than a little untenable, and she began taking off-the-books jobs for various ranking Sith in the hopes of getting back into people's good graces. Unfortunately, those jobs were the ones no one else was willing to take, usually because the Sith involved was 'difficult to work with' - or, to be blunt, outright insane. The last year of Cipher Eight's career became something of a walk through a minefield as she tried to ensure that her IIA colleagues wouldn't stab her in the back or one of her Sith taskmasters wouldn't snap and kill her.

Current History and Status

During an operation for one Lord Myrgas Raal, Cipher Eight in her 'Semalta Trase' alias was cornered by a team of Marran Rangers and offered a choice - continue with a job that would end with her singularly messy death at the hands of her own people, SIS defector protocols ... or the Marran. On choosing the latter, she and the Rangers faked the death of Semalta Trase, and by extension that of 'Cipher Eight' and all of her aliases known to the IIA. She had several more that the IIA didn't know about, so she took the alias of Srina'idash, 'independent courier', as her own. This left more intel assets open to her than she would have had as a known defector, and allowed her more freedom of movement besides.

Currently, Srina is treading carefully with the Marran. She knows the trust issues inherent in such a quick defection, and has no wish to overstep. She works hard to establish at least a professional level of trust and ensures she does nothing without permission and someone observing.


Formerly Imperial Intelligence, currently maintains connections with various members of the Hutt Cartel, a below-radar professional relationship with Czerka and ties to multiple pirate and street gangs, depending on which alias she's using at any given moment. Recruited by Rangers Aurrinsesh Kerpikz-Balmorra and Mychae Qiin, largely liases with Arbiter Nyomi Adastra, being romantically pursued by Aranar'aliit, one of the resident Mandalorians.

Personality Traits

To all appearances, classic Chiss Ascendancy member: goal-oriented, success-driven and professional to the extreme. She maintains a certain emotional detachment for the most part, though this may be an occupational hazard - between the tightrope act she's had to perform to stay alive in some of her unfortunate professional circumstances and the number of aliases she's had to maintain over the years, attachments have up until recently been a distraction at best and a liability at worst. Generally displays a certain cool, sardonic demeanour, though she does occasionally default to 'quiet bewilderment', particularly when hearing about the antics of some of the more established members of the Marran.

Noteable Possessions

Her ship (Boo Vipisbi, Cheunh for 'Second Chance') is a five year old Phantom purchased by her current ident at a clandestine auction in Hoth's 'starship graveyard' and refurbished. Recent gift of a beskar-bladed knife from Aranar'aliit. Sniper rifle, holdout blaster, scattergun all standard.