The Frenzied Narglatch

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The Frenzied Narglatch
Vital Information
Location: Phoenix Rest
Owner: Niatara Keryn-Mireth

The "Frenzied Narglatch" is roughly a 40 year old model Corellian YT-1300 freighter that once belonged to Niatara Keryn-Mireth's father, Valkor Keryn-Mireth, a freighter pilot and gear head that was a mechanical genius with ships, but an unfortunate business man and horrible gambler. Valkor purchased the ship as a gift to his pregnant wife and two unborn children, temporarily following the death of both him and his wife Arista Mireth, the ship was sold to pay back debts until Captain Niatara Keryn-Mireth was able to track it down and buy it back from a shipyard, repurposing it as her personal flight vessel and living quarters.