The Nest

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The Nest
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Vital Information
Location: Marran Archives
Use: Artifact and Research Tracking, Data analysis, Equipment research
Owner: Phylok

During his time with the Marran, slowly but surely Keeper Phylok Starfire, has spent time gathering resources and equipment. Over time this space has evolved into what has come to be known as "The Nest". The nest is where Phylok and the other Keepers look over sensitive and potentially hazardous data. Access to the Nest is restricted to the Archivists, the Arbitors, and the Archon. However due to it's nature, even those who have access do not know it's existence. The Nest is accessed through a nondescript door in the Marran archives with a Gree Biometric scanner.

The archives Nest is not the only one in existence. Two others are known to exist.